ULV fogger and permethrin 10% for indoor ant control

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Aug 20, 2012
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For many years I have used permethrin 10% for mosquito control around my house. I use a dilution rate 4-6oz/gal in an ULV fogger . I find that this works very well. I just use straight permethrin without a synergist.

All this summer I have had an ongoing issue with very small ants in the house. These are probably what are referred to as sugar ants but I don't know. They appear constantly in the kitchen in small numbers and occasionally are found in large numbers on food. They seem to magically appear wherever there is food. Yesterday, I left a spoon with a bit of jam on it on my desk. Later, there were about 50 ants all over it. I could not find any trail of ants leading to or from the spoon or find any indication of where they had come from.

I have done banding spray around the foundation and in every place where I suspect they may be able to get in. I have cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and sprayed inside. I have sprayed under the sink, behind the cabinets and appliances, and on the cove base. I have put out ant baits and nothing seems to help. They do seem to go away for a bit after I spray but then they come back again.

I am now considering using my ULV fogger inside to fog the basement under the kitchen as a start.

Can anyone here tell me if this would be effective, or not such a good idea?

Is there something else I should try?


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