Using stucco bullnose trowel?

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May 13, 2008
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Anyone ever use this tool? I used one for the first time on some architectural foam today with smooth stuccco. Kinda frustrating but the job ended up coming out ok. I applied the flat areas first (top and sides of a column cap). I then ran the bullnose tool along the radius of the edges. I kept going back and forth between the flat areas with my trowel and the edges with the bullnose tool. The b.n. tool kept messing up the flats. My thought now is, apply the flats first (just roughed in), run the b.n. tool on the edges and then redo the flats and leave it to stiffen up. The slight "heavy edge" from the flats onto the bullnose get blended with a wet finger tip once the stucco sets up a little. I discovered this method late in the game unfortunately or I think I would have been done sooner. Any other tips to do these bullnoses?

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