Vinyl baseboards suck

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After epoxing my garage floor recently, I needed a baseboard just for the drywall which the garage shares with an adjacent bedroom. I didn't want to deal with gluing up several 4' sections, so I purchased a continuous length vinyl, which has a peal and stich back on it.

Well, after investing all this time on the pretty floor, that vinyl just sucked. I rolled it up and returned it to Home Depot for a full refund (I said it was too thin and defective).

I found some wood plank porcelain that was about $1.50 a linear foot, purchased a quart of ready set mastic, and purchased two tubes of haystack color latex caulking. I slapped up the tile in one day, then the next day I taped and grouted, pulling the tape immediately after grouting, so it had a fresh, clean edge. Now, I can easily hose down the garage floor without worrying about wetting the drywall edge. Total cost ~less than $40.

Here is the before and after pics...