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Jan 4, 2009
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I have two exterior walls that are covered with paneling on the inside and that I want to have it extended and dry walled. Here is the description:

One wall has a patio door and one window. The other has 3 window. The walls that are there are mainly a small area on top and a small area on bottom of the windows and door. As the wall around the window comes down from it, it is flush with the window and then has a 4.5" "step". I want to get rid of that and extend the wall that far out into the room. So, if I remove the paneling, so we can replace the little insulation that there is and put insulation in it, I guess we will need a frame that is maybe a 2" x 8" or so. How complicated will all that be? We live in WI, so winters here are brutal. We will replace the windows and door, so the drywall will be done after that for a smooth finish. Is that doable? Can anyone here recommend books or some other good guide reading so I can educate myself before getting my hands too deep in this project?

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Mar 1, 2006
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Hello Mariam:
You may want to use another layer of 2 X 4s rather than the 2 X 8s; it would save you a considerable amount.
Yes the project can be done and the drywall can be returned into the window and door openings to their frames.