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May 9, 2019
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Saint Paul, Minnesota
IMG_2024.jpg IMG_2039.jpg IMG_2040.jpg IMG_2043.jpg IMG_2048.jpg side of house.jpg Hey Guys,
I'm having water leaking issues in my basement, specifically in one corner, but a couple other spots are worrisome as well. I'm wondering what you guys suggest; excavating and sealing the foundation wall down to the footer on the exterior or putting in a drain tile system. The side that I have the most issues from is down grade a little from my neighbor and in the corner there is an underground drain pipe connecting to a grate that shoots the water out to the front, the pipe is perforated. I've attached some pics to help explain my issue a little better. Thanks for the suggestions! - Derek

side of house.jpg IMG_2024.jpg IMG_2039.jpg IMG_2024.jpg IMG_2039.jpg IMG_2040.jpg IMG_2043.jpg IMG_2048.jpg
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