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May 31, 2007
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Proctorville, Ohio
I got the tomatoes in the ground. I don't have a good picture, might add one in a bit. I had my MRI this morning. The machine kept turning off so it ended up being 3 hours instead of 30 minutes so my back hates me now.... lol
Now to wait on results, they gave me a CD and I see one place where there is a bulge but I can't figure out how to find it on other views.... so I am not sure. So, the waiting begins


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Jun 5, 2014
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I hope the machine didn't mess stuff up because it kept shutting off. That must have been so annoying. I remember having to be in an MRI machine for 20 minutes straight while lying on my back with my arms above my head- really uncomfortable. Then several hours wait, more radio-isotope IV and then another 20 minutes in the MRI. Those same ones can now be done in about 2 minutes now.
I hope your back gets feeling better. Does heat help at all? I've found that I use the heated seats in my truck for back therapy rather than keeping warm. LOL.

Did mostly nothing today because I felt like garbage. My friend's fiance was asking for $ but I'm out & stores aren't doing cashback. Been exclusively using credit card. Always pay it off before it can accrue interest. Which reminds me, I saw a credit card "offer" my brother got where there was an annual $200 fee to keep the card plus monthly interest where the minimum payout (even if there was no interest accrued) was $10. What a crock!

Makes me cheer on the guy who re-wrote a contract sent to him by a credit card company. He printed out, signed it, made copies, mailed it in, & they signed off on it. His terms were no annual fees, no late fees, 0% interest permanently, unlimited spending, and if they tried to cancel his card they would have to pay him something like $250k. When they tried to charge him interest he called them & told him according to his contract their was no interest. They balked at first but then checked. So they tried to cancel. He told them they had to pay him to cancel as per the contract. They took him to court to fight it saying he scammed them. Judge was not sympathetic to them & told them they had to abide by the contract and that they should have read what the contract said before signing. I think they ended up paying up to cancel the card. The judge knew it was a bit dishonest on the guy's part, but companies hold people to contracts they don't read-- especially small print stuff-- all the time.

Anyway, I did actually get up and do a little bit of cleaning in the kitchen. Discovered there is some condensation reservoir on the pressure cooker that was filled with nasty gunk. It smelled horrible when I dumped it out. Scrubbed the hell out of the pressure cooker since I knew my brother wasn't going to do it. He actually pretty much told me he wasn't going to clean it and insisted that I clean it for him. He's 40 & still won't clean up after himself. I only did it because it needed to be done & it would start to stink and attract fire ants if I didn't.

Kittens are doing well. They keep throwing their poop emoji toys in the litterbox. I can't be mad about it because they *are* poop emojis. LOL. They have learned to drink from the rabbit waterer well & are starting to climb the side of their cage to get up. Namir rushed up to the top level & jumped on my shoulder when I opened the door. Temjin ran up the ramps and joined him. They climbed all over my shoulders and head for a bit, but jumped back into the cage on cue.

My oldest cat is missing but I hope it's just that he is in the barn or napping somewhere. I will check the workshop in the morning to make sure he didn't sneak in there when we unloaded the shower stuff.

I need to get some exterior paint & paint the outside of the workshop on a day when it's not raining. Paint is peeling & the wood is starting to look rough. I'll need a ladder to reach some of it.

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