what to do with slab porch

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    Slightly sloped away from house, 10 x 12 slab, 6 inches thick, sits on poured foundation basement walls 8 inches thick (used to be for a cistern). Built in 1972. I have an existing deck about 15 feet away from this slab, it's 3.5 inches higher than the slab.
    I am planning to connect the 2 with a deck, so I would have to put a step in there somewhere or continue the deck over the slab using sleeper joists (I posted this part on the decks forum).

    I think as far as looks go a continuous deck would better conform, but then dirt, moisture, etc would collect between the deck and slab over the years. An option would be to make the slab more artistically appealing.

    My questions are, would flagstone be too much weight for the slab? I could do a mosaic mural/design. Can an overlay be carved after its set up? It would take some time to do something cool. I dont think stamping it would be enough.

    Eventually I may continue the deck on the other side of the slab porch to the end of the house.

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