Window Springs and Weather-stripping

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Apr 27, 2021
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Hello All, I recently purchased a townhome built in 1986 with the original wood windows in place. I am not in a position to replace them yet, but would like to make them safe and a bit more energy efficient. There are 10 windows of which 7 will not stay open. The other 3 spring open when you release the lock. Some of the windows have upper panes that will drop when one unlocks the window. The weather-stripping along the bottom of each window is missing or falling apart. I would really appreciate any insights that would help me identify exactly what part #s I should order to replace the window springs (I think they are spiral window springs) including:
  • tools required to safely replace the window springs
  • part #s or how to identify the part #s for each window spring requiring replacement
  • part #s or how to identify the part #s for the missing weather-stripping
  • links to any videos that would help
Attached are a few photos. The specific window in these photos has a wood frame that is 1.75" thick. The window measures 65" for the height including both vertical panes combined. There are 2 - 65" x 36" windows right next to each other and picture 3 shows the center trim between the two.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to take more photos if needed.