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    Well I went and bought a new house....without selling the old one...hmmm.
    Just in case you folks dont know where I have been..I am redoing a few things to the new house near the in -laws farm in a different county.

    Reorganizing the garage...jacking up the main support beams 1 inch...can't stand those slopping floors and blowing out the sheetrock in the upper stairwell due to the stress of a 20 to jack.:D I knew it would happen I just didn't know how much or where. Sounded like a gunshot in the house.:rolleyes: Tearing out walls in the basement to start over..sanding all the hardwood floors in the house...painting,cleaning...fixing.
    I feel like I left a few things out...oh yea just got a contract on the other home in the city...whew.:D

    I may be scarce for a while I don't have my office moved yet.
    I'll try to post pictures when I get settled.
    See ya.

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