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House owner and avid weekend DIYer. I’m British so always running into differences to practices in the US… Hoping to tap some experts for some helpful advice.
Thank you, guys, for your help. I know that my explanation of what was happening was hard to understand with my lack of electrical terms. However, I have fixed it!! The switch needed to be replaced. I'm sure I'll come across something else that needs I'll be back!
Hi, Brook,

Thanks for the pic in your Closed Cell Insulation post; I will use it next time someone says, "What is buttonboard?" It is all over CA (and in my 1956 SoCal house) but apparently a lot of people are unfamiliar with it. I call it a cross between plaster and drywall, with all their worst qualities. I kinda hate it-hard to work with. Have you ever found a stud finder or wall scanner that works with it?
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Have not seen you on the flooring forum lately. Did not know if you knew that Nick passed away.