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  Hi Gayle. Out of all the posts here, YOURS was the one that saved my day with a loud fan motor issue on my LG fridge/freezer. I didn't want to take all my stuff out, though, so I just unplugged it, opened the freezer door and the slider, and blew the ice off with my wife's hair dryer. Job done in 10 minutes. Maybe if you have to defrost your frost free freezer again, you can use my own 'lil trick to save you the time and not have to remove all your stuff. Thanks for your post :)...
  strategery, i have been researching methods to fix my red clay brick with deteriorating mortar as i have followed your posts to see what you have done. I also live in iowa/midwest and have began getting estimates from some basement specialists who "don't" know much of anything about specializing in red hollow clay bricks except that they are weak and need replaced! my question for you, did you ever get to a conclusion or bail on the project....