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Read thru the above posts again and answer as many of the questions as you can about wire size you now have etc.

You may have enough capacity to do your pump and chicken coop and all the rest but you may be limited to doing them one at a time.

The distance and wire size play a big part in determining what you will be able to do without running new wire.

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Originally Posted by goon View Post
I would like to be able to get as much power as possible but I will typically only need a plug or two and a light. But it would be great if I could power a large pump for watering my garden later on and I would like to run some conduit to a chicken coop that I'm building so we will have power in the coop for light and a plug for a heat lamp. Thanks for all the replys btw!
Ok, thank you goon. Now we are narrowing down a bit more in specifics what your requirements will be in the future.

Immediately when someone like me (and the other members) sees the word "heater" or term somewhat similar like "heat lamp" our ears open up a bit more. I don't know anything about chickens but did a quick google. The type heat lamp you are referring to is an inferred "red" light as chickens can't determine that as being light which may interrupt their physiological system clock which may be a big factor in laying eggs etc. So when you say heat lamp are your referring to something such as a red light bulb which I see are about 250watt mainly? These do not take nearly as much power as a "heater" would that would be required to heat a room. How many lights like this would you be using approximately. What else would you be running electrically i the chicken coup other than the heat lamps. Trying to get an overall need for your electrical requirements for the chicken coup.

Also note, we do not know the distance from you house to your old pump house and then to the proposed site for the chicken coup. Depending on the layout and your needs for both the pump house and the proposed chicken coup and the distances of each in relation to one another it may be a better option (not saying it is now until we determine some the details) to run a new line from the house directly to the chicken coup first if that is where you main need for electrical power will be and then from there run a smaller line to the (large pump for watering your garden) pump house if that is closer to where the "future" large pump to water your garden will be located.

Maybe a simple hand drawing layout showing the relationship between the different locations and their approximate distances would be a bit better for us.

Can you please take a few more "clearer" pictures of that present disconnect at the pump house.

Stating that you want as much power as possible is a very general statement when we then need to determine the size of the conductors feeding any panel location. We understand what you really are saying when you state "as much power as possible" but there are no wire sizes that really answer that question. But what we can do is narrow down your real needs a bit more. Then we determine what the load calculation will be from your needs, along with the distances and then we can advise from there much better what you will probably need in the way of a new line, panel etc.

i.e.: for one example. You say large pump to water your garden. We have no idea how big your garden is so therefore we would have no idea how large the pump may have to be which in turn leaves us without knowing the pump motor requirements. This in itself may play a large factor especially if distance is a key factor.

So goon from here please start narrowing down a bit more on some of the points that you make. We can go from there.

Again, not trying to complicate this but we need to get an idea of the "scope" of your needs. Don't want you spending too little money and time when you need more money and time to re-due it again a year from now nor do we want to over power you unnecessarily.

If I received a call from someone with this request the very first thing I would do is say "I need to come see it with my own eyes to best advise you".

Besides the hand drawing layout you really need to let us know what size breaker is feeding this present disconnect in the pump house. Then we need to be sure we know the size conductors from that breaker going to the pump house. We can't just go with "a buried wire".

Also please be sure you give us some type of idea of your knowledge and skill level of electrical wiring. This way we know to look for certain key factors in your replies and where your terminology comes into play; it is important we know this to some degree at least.


To the OP (O.riginal P.oster to this thread/topic).

If at any time you do not feel confident enough to perform a trouble shooting method that I suggest or feel you may not have the experience or comfort level to do so please ask questions before proceeding.
Electricity is dangerous and if not handled properly can cause serious injury or worse!
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