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Default Decorate your home with wooden decks

A long weekend is just the perfect time for you to build a deck and improve your home. If you have few good plans and some basic ideas for deck building then a deck can be completed with total ease.

If you can get all your supplies ready well ahead of time, you can save a lot of effort when it actually comes down to building your own personal deck. Moreover, estimating your deck budget is quiet easy. The budget basically depends upon the type of wood you would be using to build your deck and how the size of your deck.

If you get good quality wood then you will have a sturdier deck that can be used in all weather conditions. In case you live in an area which is prone to extreme climatic conditions, then it is even more important to choose a high quality wood for your deck.

Advantage of having a deck at your home is that it adds room to your house for entertaining guests. Apart from this you can yourself enjoy a bright sunny day and relax in your deck. In case you want to sell your home, you will get a handsome offer from buyers.

What are your views, please share...

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Default agree with you

I agree that to decorate home with wooden decking is really a good idea. And at here, I put the method for your information. Hope it is helpful.

How to Replace an Old Deck with Composite Decking1. Remove old deck boards
Getting old deck boards up can sometimes be a challenge. If the boards were originally put down with screws, use a screwdriver to back the screws out of the wood before removing the boards. If, due to rust and age, the screws do not come up easily, see Ron's tip on removing stripped screws.

If the screws have rusted so badly that they cannot be removed without breaking, those boards can usually be pried up fairly easily and removed.

2. Joists and posts
If the decking joists and posts are in good shape, then they can be reused. The composite decking boards that will replace the old boards require that the joists be spaced no more than 16 inches on center. If the existing joists are set further apart than this, an additional joist will have to be added between each of the existing joists. If adding new joists is necessary, you may need to install a rim joist around the outside of the structure.

A pressure-treated 2 X 6 can be nailed onto the ends of the existing joists to create the new frame. Attach the rim joist with a nail gun.

For larger decks, an additional 2 X 6 may need to be installed under the existing joists in the center to support the new joists. Hold the support rail in contact with the bottom of the existing joists then nail it to the sides of the posts.

3. Attach joist hangers
Center each metal joist hanger between the existing joists and then attach it to the rim joist with rust-proof galvanized hanger nails.

Use a hammer to tap each new joist into place so that the top is flush with the existing joists and rim joist. Toenail guides ensure that the nails are driven in at exactly the right angle to secure the new joists in place.

4. Handrail posts
The railing posts are supported with railing post brackets, which should be mounted on the inside of the rim joist. First align the bracket and mark where the bolts will be attached. Drill four holes through the rim joist and then tap a bolt through. Slip a washer and nut on the end and then partially tighten the nut with a socket wrench.

Next, position the post through the bracket and finish tightening the bracket around the the post. The railings are installed after the decking is attached.

5. New decking
The new decking, called composite decking, is made from recycled polyethylene plastic and recycled wood from woodchips and sawdust from furniture factories, etc. It never needs painting and it lasts virtually forever, which is especially important when installed in areas with harsh weather conditions.

6. First plank
The first plank is often one of the most challenging because it generally needs to be notched to fit around the railing posts.

Use a straight edge or combination square to transfer the angle of the post onto the plank.

Create a template that is the same width that the notch will be and then lay that up against the other side of the post and draw a parallel line.

This should leave you with the outline of the section that will need to be removed. Cut the notch section out with a jigsaw.

Clamp the first plank in place before attaching it to the joists. Slide the second board down until it is even with the first board. Where any two boards meet, it is important that they both rest equally on top of a joist. Cut each board so that the end falls right in the center of the joist. Using a speed square as a guide, cut each plank to length with a circular saw.

Before screwing the deck boards in place, lay down several more rows using wood shims to keep the spaces between the boards uniform.

7. Attach decking
The decking can be attached using any type of power screwdriver but an auto loading screw gun enables you to do the work while standing, which makes the job much faster and easier. The screws come collated into strips so that you don't have to reload them often. The screws have specially machined ends that actually help bore a hole, they are both galvanized and coated making them rust resistant, and they have a small finish head with a square drive so they are almost invisible once they are driven in. For more information visit the QuikDrive website.

Position the drill directly over the joist and push down. The screw drives in quickly and easily. Continue cutting and laying several rows at a time before attaching them with the screw gun.

After all of the boards are attached, trim the uneven boards with a circular saw.

8. Hand rail and balusters
Slip a prefabricated post base over the top of each post and slide it down to the deck surface. A railing piece called a universal railing is used for both the top and the bottom railing and it is made to fit into the recess in the post.

The universal rail rests on top of the base pieces. Center a short piece of stock directly under the bottom rail and screw it in place for a center support.

Install the brackets that will secure both the bottom and top rail to each post.

Attach the second universal rail, this time with the reverse side up, and secure it in place with screws going up through the bracket and into the rail.

The end balusters on both sides are attached right up against the posts with long screws.

Slide the remaining balusters between the railings and use uniform spacers to create a consistent distance between each one.

Finally, put a few dollops of silicone on top of each post and set the decorative post caps in place.

9. Drip system
It is important that container plants are watered properly. A drip system, installed to deliver water to the root system of each plant at a slow and steady rate, can help grow and maintain healthy, vigorous and stress free plants.

To install a drip system for a container garden, begin by putting in a timer so that the system becomes fully automatic. A battery operated, automatic timer attaches directly to the existing hose bib. The unit includes a filter, a pressure reducer and a back flow valve. A hose adapter that allows use of both the hose and the drip system can be attached to the bib first.

Run half-inch, flexible vinyl tubing from the timer unit around the perimeter of the garden. Attach smaller, spaghetti lines, which can run up through the drainage holes in the bottom of each container. The water is delivered through a long pick attached to the spaghetti line.

Under each plant, a special trivet allows the tubing to go up through the drainage hole without crimping the water delivery line. These trivets can be cut to the size of the pot.

When deciding on plants and pots for a container garden, think of styles and color. And remember that each plant you choose has to do well in your environment.

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Any decorating begins with research. Take stock of the deck, its shape, height of the railings and how much of the space is away from the house. If you plan on grilling on the deck that last thing is very important. Before adding the first stick of furniture make certain the deck is in good repair and doesn't need an extra coat of sealant or paint.
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We are trying to sell our house and have a deck. Half the deck's stain looks good, the other half doesn't. What would be the easiest/cheapest way to fix the stain? I don't have any more of the stain and I'm not sure I can get a perfect color match. Any ideas?
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