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Originally Posted by Blue Jay View Post
Never heard of such a thing, unless you are off grid and using battery power there is NO polarity. Alternating current is what comes from the power company, yes it changes from positive to negitive at the rate of 60 times a second (here in the US) that is where we get the term AC. We have a hot side and a neutral side and a light bulb could care less which side is which, so the safety aspect is the only thing to be concerned with.
Technically you are correct but, with that being said, can you explain to us polarized AC outlets and plugs?

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Plugs are polarized for the same reason if it’s a light with a socket it keeps the safety aspect of it correct. If it’s a device that is controlled by a switch you want the power leg to kill the power with the switch, not to open the circuit with the neutral and leave everything inside the device hot. Devices that have no access to the power and no switch I see still come without a polarized plug things like little transformers (wall warts) etc.

That doesn’t explain why a light bulb would come apart though assuming one wired one way and the other wired correctly in a parallel circuit. My only guess is that there had to be some sort of shorting going on between the top of the screw in connection and the frame of the light that was connected to the safety ground that produced heat and thus the crack. With the light lit there was voltage to ground no matter how it was wired. With it off the side that had the threads hot could remain shorting maybe. But Villa said they both failed at one point.

Could be a freak random thing where he just happened to have 3 bad bulbs from two different makers from opposite sides of the world or the bulbs were made in the same place and just labeled differently to fool you into thinking they were American made. He just happened to run out of bad bulbs at the same time he fixed the problem.
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Originally Posted by kok328 View Post
Technically you are correct but, with that being said, can you explain to us polarized AC outlets and plugs?
The polarized outlets and plugs came about several years ago when some appliances (mainly radios) had one side of the cord tied directly to the chassis so if it was plugged in backwards ie. the hot side to the frame or chassis it would be VERY dangerous.
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