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Old 04-12-2008, 09:55 AM  
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I Recommend To All Who Work For Any Employer Get In Writing What Ever Is Promised,most Small Business Employers Unintentionally Make Mistakes. But In The Case Of This Rebath Employer I'm Am Sure She Is Looking Always At Her Bottom Line And Just Does Not Care About The Employees Well's A Shame That Quality Craftsman Have To Be Treated Less Than What Their Worth/or Anyone For That Matter.remember All Promises Are To Be In Writing If A Employer Thinks They Can Short You They Will,then You Have Legal Recourse To Persue It Legally.
Good Luck To Your Hubby

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Old 06-24-2008, 04:47 PM  
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Default Re-Bath is Bad

Our experience with Re-Bath was the worst. A collection of liars, cheats and inept installers all the way from the bottom to the top. We originally fell for their “One day, No mess, No stress. No inconvenience” ad. They showed up late every time, it took them over 8 months and it still looks bad, as in cheap and sloppy with wavy walls, they made messes everywhere inside and out, even killed large areas of our grass. They complained at first it was our fault that they installed the panels wrong, (because we didn’t supervise them!?), then complained we were “harassing” them the next day when we would periodically check on them. Never mind the fact that when we pointed out they were not installing it the way they told us, nor the way we wanted it, they still went ahead and screwed it up and blamed us. The panels were bowed, unlevel and uneven and the caulk looked like it was done by a cross-eyed kindergartener. They tore up the flooring in several places. The material they installed did not even match the sales samples, what they actually use is much thinner and cheaper than what they sell. Can you say Bait & Switch? That is fraud.

They did not finish the job after two days of making messes, said they would fix everything when they came back. But they did not come back; they sent the manger who lied to our faces saying he would fix the problems. But instead, he had the gall to sue us for the balance instead of returning to fix anything. He lied in court under oath, no ethics whatsoever from this band of swindlers. Of course Re-Bath lost, but what a major inconvenience it was to us. And we were left with a mess.

Then the panels came off the walls. But it continued to go from bad to worse. Re-Bath corporate said they felt bad about how the franchise owner/manager/resident cheat treated us, so they had another Re-Bath franchise come up to reinstall the shower. They found a leak created by the first Re-Bath attempt which subsequently flooded our attic and brought down our downstairs ceiling as well as destroying fully the bathroom floor they had already damaged and damaging the sub-floor.

You’d think they would want to fix it and try to alleviate more inconvenience, but you’d be dead wrong. It was like pulling teeth to get them to pay for the ceiling to be repaired, and originally they said they would only pay if we signed a paper dismissing the warranty! That was an illegal attempt to hold hostage our reimbursement for a non-related issue of damage they were 100% liable for, and they knew it. But what can you expect from cheats and liars like them? Even when we met their requirements as they stated them in writing, they refused to even pay the lower compromised amount we agreed to and then threatened to cease all communication and refuse to pay at all if we didn’t sign their self serving agreement immediately.

Sadly even though we contacted Re-Bath corporate the day they were open after the installation started, they did not require the franchises to own up to their mistakes, or even take responsibility themselves. They said the franchises are responsible for their mistakes, yet they do all they can to keep the consumer from getting any resolution from the franchises or the corporate side. The entire company is in it together to rip-off the consumer. No integrity. They will lie to you as they did to us. They might make offers, but they reneged on the ones they made to us, even ones in writing. Even if they finish the job, you will not get the quality installation they try to sell you. Heaven forbid something goes wrong, you will be left holding the proverbial bag, and it will be full of something else that is common in bathrooms.

Re-bath is by far the worst company we have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. We are still out thousands in damages. DO NOT DEAL WITH RE-BATH UNLESS YOU WANT A NIGHTMARE!
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