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Old 10-30-2009, 04:52 PM  
Alan M Hansen
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I'm happy to see that this thread got the attention it deserved. As I said above, we've remodeled thousands of bathrooms, and have thousands of happy customers.

On October 1st of this year, my company changed from Re-Bath to Luxury Bath. The two companies are competing franchises which both work in the bathroom area.

Our departure from Re-Bath was amicable, and was a mutually agreed upon recission of the franchise agreement we had with Re-Bath. I believe Re-Bath offers a very high quality product, and I want to put a shout out to the many Re-Bath franchisees who do high quality work in this industry.

Luxury Bath's product and operating model offer certain advantages to our customers and to us as business owners.

My offer above to GDuran still applies. I'll be more than happy to remodel his bath under our new flag and stand behind it in exactly the way I would have as a Re-Bath franchise. In fact, GDuran might be impressed with the new Luxbond install method which guarantees a permanent, gap-free seal. Luxury bath has over 1400 bathtub molds, so finding the exact mold will be easy to ensure a perfect fit.

My Re-Bath franchises in Reno and Spokane consistently did more volume of remodels per population than any other Re-Bath franchise in the country (Per Dave Sanders, President of Re-Bath, LLC, the franchisor). With Luxury, as with Re-Bath we still maintain an A rating with the better business bureau and have a perfect record with both the Nevada and Washington Regulatory agencies. We have the same management, sales and installation teams.

Fatboy is a disgruntled former employee who just never had the right spirit for my company. In my view, he is mistaken about a great many things, including the source of personal happiness and satisfaction. I believe it comes from accomplishment, and I stand behind my record and with my company. Hiring him was a mistake, but we've moved on.

I invite anyone who has a question about my business, licensing, insurance, why we made the change from Re-Bath to Luxury or any other matter to get a hold of me. We've added the Boise market recently, where we have seen an excellent response, and there are many more great things in our future.

Thanks for reading!
Alan M Hansen

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Old 11-04-2009, 10:55 PM  
rod moehlmann
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Default Alan Hansen of Luxury Bath again Untruthfull

I worked for him. I quit when I saw how he treated some employees. One such employee he fired and then refused to pay him his rightfully earned commissions. That man sued Alan Hansen and won.
Mr Hansen then had the audacity not to pay me $13,000 that he owed me in commissions when I left the company. My attorney helped me recover about $10,000. I am preparing to sue Alan Hansen of Luxury Bath/Re-Bath to recover the balance.
He has since made defamatory comments on a number of Craiglist postings and Rip Off Report websites attempting to make it look as if a former business partner of mine had posted them. My former partner had no motive at this time, and more importantly has an iron clad alibi. Because of certain information in those postings, the source could only be Alan Hansen.
As for his good standing in Washington and Nevada, I see he remains silent about California, where for the last few years he has illegally sold and installed jobs.
Any and every thing I say in this posting is the truth and I can document all of it.

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Old 11-04-2009, 11:04 PM  
rod moehlmann
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Reponse to Bathman; Post # 19
He sells in California without a contractor's license. In Calfornia that is a criminal offense. The unsuspecting homeowner has no recourse against a bond, if there is a warranty problem, or maybe the contractor goes out of business. The workers could be injured on the job site. Without the benefit of Worker's Compensation, the homeowner will be liable for the worker's hospital bills. Some homeowners have lost their homes in this scenario. Mr Hansen told me it was too much trouble to get licensed in Calfornia. To sell home imrovements and to construct these projects is a criminal act in California. I for one, prefer to stay away from criminals.

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Old 11-25-2009, 02:46 PM  
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Default Re-Bath is Bad, a Bunch of Cheats

I have read many posts in many forums about Re-Bath. They are a scam, bait and switch, lie and cheat. From the first contact salesperson to the top of the corporate chain in AZ.

From my research and observation, the few posts that claim they are a good company are usually Re-Bath agents posing as satisfied customers, or one of the small handful of people that for some reason did not get ripped off, or maybe just donít know that they were ripped off. But ask yourself why they are posting in these forums (pro Re-Bath) if they are what they claim.

We were not only ripped off by Re-Bath, but they caused over $12,000 damage to our home in addition to the bathroom area and refused to take responsibility, instead they opted to sue us and threaten us. And they never even finished the job.

Cheap materials that have hugely inflated prices. Samples that are shown are not the same cheaper junk they install. They lie to your face, and make up false accusations, (they called us racists when they were caught using an undocumented unlicensed illegal alien worker). The "real" employees did not have licenses. They are hacks and cause collateral damage and blame the homeowner for all their mistakes. THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR WARRANTY.

To paraphrase what was said elsewhere in this thread, when it comes to Re-Bath, run away, far far away. You will regret any dealings with them. And donít be surprised if they change their name once they exhaust the pool of victims.

And donít be suckered in by their ďgood standingĒ with the BBB. The BBB only cares about receiving itís dues, believe it or not, the BBB is not a consumers ally, at least not anymore. Check it out, you will be sadly disappointed.
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Old 02-06-2010, 06:26 PM  
rod moehlmann
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“Several months have passed and tempers have cooled down. What I wrote previously about this company, and about Alan Hansen, was a result of a dispute over sales commissions. That dispute, it turns out, was not an issue of ethics or ethical business practices – it was a combination of a poorly worded commission policy and a breakdown of timely communications. Unfortunately, that led to an escalation of things on both sides, and things were said/written out of emotion rather than fact.

As to the commissions, all of the issues have been resolved. Once things cooled down, we were able to fairly simply get everything solved – with no attorney involvement. As to the other comments, I should clarify that Luxury Bath has not engaged in any illegal activities, and I should not have written otherwise. The company is fully compliant with all licensing and bonding requirements. And obviously I regret referring to them as ‘criminals’. They are not. Outside of the dispute over final sales commissions, frankly – I am unaware of any issues any employees or customers have had with the company. They do a very good job, and their installers are top-notch. Hopefully now there won’t be any future issues with regards to sales commissions either.

Bottom line: my only issue was fully resolved fairly and simply, and I retract and regret the other comments I made regarding this company. You should not hesitate to call them; their customer satisfaction history is really quite impressive.”
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Old 02-06-2010, 08:09 PM  
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Having been terribly wrong my self on so very many occasions and having something of a hot temper (such that I am occasionally refered to as grizzlybear); I appreciate the personal integrity required to make so complete a statement as the one you have made. Well said!!!!!!!!
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Old 02-08-2010, 12:32 PM  
Bud Cline
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I think it is somewhat humorous that some posters both pro and con have come here to have their say and are never heard from again. Several of those posters have maximum posts of 2 posts or 3 posts. It is clear they come with an axe to grind or they have been dispatched by someone else merely to try to polish the silverware.

I am approaching thirty-five years in the business of installing ceramic and stone tile and fabricating tile showers from the ground up. In the past I have had contact with companies that sell tub liners and tubs coatings. My contact has been simply that I was working on a job were they were also working. I have no interest in either of these methods of rejuvenating bath tubs.

I can tell everyone that hasn't figured it out already that some companies of this type are franchises that operate around the country. The quality of any end-product in this trade is a direct result of the qualifications and abilities of the workers. As in everything...some do excellent work, some do not. To condemn all companies wearing any particular brand because of the actions of a few is unfair and ridiculous.

I am not defending the companies mentioned here. I only want to suggest to the consumer that there is plenty of blame to share when a job doesn't turn out the way the customer thinks it should.

THE ONLY WAY to avoid these disappointments is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK.
YOU the consumer will be best served if YOU the consumer ask for and then VERIFY REFERENCES. Ask to visit nearby recent installations. Ask for previous customers names and contact numbers. Verify you are talking to a real customer and ask to visit their work site. If you don't go to these extremes these days you may find yourself very disappointed in the work you receive.

Every trade has its share of scams and rip offs. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Legitimate operators are happy to furnish you with plenty of legitimate and verifiable references.

Don't take the word of a polished or pushy sales person. Don't be rushed. Everyone was looking for work yesterday and they will still be looking for work tomorrow. Don't fall victim to sales and specials that will end today and require you to sign a contract immediately.

Not all areas require a license. In the areas where licensing is required verify that your potential contractor has the proper licensing. If he doesn't then he isn't likely to best serve your home improvement needs in the long run either.

In my area no licensing is required for anything I do. I wish it was.
No permits are required for anything I do in my area. I wish they were.
No certification is required anywhere for my trade. I wish it was.

I don't advertise. All of my work comes from word of mouth and that's how you should choose a contractor. Talk with his past customers. Verify verify verify. If it's too much trouble then maybe you should expect what you get in the end. Don't readily accept claims of "millions sold" and "best in the market" and "rated number one". That's all crap. Don't be impressed by a full color brochure that anyone can produce on their home computer. Don't pay any attention to those boasting of belonging to the Better Business Bureau which is also a scam these days. The BBB has no teeth to do anything for anyone. They only have a say over the members that pay them dues. There is no backbone in the BBB so don't be impressed with their logo blazing off the brochure page.

Some days I aspire to becoming a missing person.
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Old 02-08-2010, 01:43 PM  
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Bud, well said!
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Old 02-08-2010, 02:11 PM  
Junior Member
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Yes, I fully admit offering the information posted earlier ďwith an axe to grindĒ, but it does not make it any less true. The sad fact is many others have been wronged by Re-Bath as we were. I am trying to offer the truth of our experiences to help others avoid the problems and losses we lived though due to the despicable action of a company wrought with fraud.

Was it a case of a customer expecting something outside of a reasonable expectation of what was to be done? No.
Did we misunderstand what we were sold? No.
Was it was a case of not having a meeting of the minds as it were? No.
It was a case of a disreputable company doing business the way they do, dishonestly and not to the standards they clearly stated they would at the time of entering the contract.

Yes, the BBB is a joke. As long as they get paid by the business, they donít share the awful truths.

Do I post a lot here? No need to.
So far what Iíve come here for regarding other home repair issues Iíve found without having to ask. But to show I am not just sniping in to vent, I am posting again.
However I see no need to post a bunch of useless things to get my numbers up just to be considered a viable voice. If you choose to disregard my posts because I do not post much, it is your right. But if you contract with the Re-Bath franchises we dealt with, youíll likely wish you had heeded our recommendations too.

I do see a few other low post count members offering their views. Is it possible that some of us are so frustrated with the way these scams are perpetrated, and so angry that we have been ripped off that we are using what little legal recourses are at our disposal to protect others from incurring the same stressful problems, and to shed light on these dishonest companies so they either shape up (unlikely) or just plain go away? Yes, I think it is.

And for the record, I am still as angry at Re-Bath as I was before. But that does not change the facts of the terrible way they treated us. And apparently are still treating others.
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Old 02-08-2010, 04:27 PM  
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All the research I've done since this issue began makes me want to side with Migraine honestly. I understand when you do poorly people complain loudly and when you do good everyone remains silent. That being said most of the reviews are terrible. I don't want any one to assume I have used them, I have not. If I were to choose by what the internet said about them (and I do) I would keep looking.

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