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Old 02-28-2006, 02:09 PM  
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Default Exterminator

Any recommendations for an exterminator (mice), either a quality national one, or one local to Philadelphia?

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Old 05-04-2006, 10:00 AM  
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I had a contract with Orkins also...

Bought this house I live in over 14 years ago... Infested with (to me giant cockroaches!), but found out that they were water bugs! UGH!

I had that guy come here and tell me they were German Cockroaches and then another type and still another type... sprayed every week for SIX MONTHS!!

I threatened to burn the house down, and not live in it, because I was NOT going to move my family into something that was INFESTED!! He took a dustpan full out every time he came here! (And, it was only a block away from where I lived in my previous house, and I never had water bugs!)

So, I listened to a program on the radio from the Cooperative Extension Program from the Ohio State University, and I called in and told them my plight. They said to bring a "sample" in, but it sounded like water bugs! Well, we got a few dead ones and brought in...Sure 'nuff, it was!

And found out that they were coming from the OUTSIDE, not the inside...(couldnt figure out where they were coming from the insides, nothing was in the house and I painted it from top to bottom!)

So, I FOAMED! Foamed every nook, crack and cranny, and got them critters out! After a month, I was sure they were gone, then moved in. Finally found out they were coming from the building and dumpster next to the house. I got some Diazanon plus, (after one night, I took a flashlight around and saw my neighbors lawn MOVING!!! SCARY!)...

Sprayed it everywhere and with in a few weeks, killed the whole kit and kabootle! Never will have Orkins in here again!...

Just my two cents for what its worth,and a wee bit extra for the collection plate...

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