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Originally Posted by budro View Post
oh and p.s., the reason a two location switch is called three way is the load it turns on is considered a part of the circuit. in that respect two switches and a load constitutes three parts. and so called a three way circuit. and no, linking other loads in parallel does not add to the number. thanks, buddy
That's not how I was told. A normal switch has on and off. That's two ways. When you add another switch you add another way, so three way.

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if you add another switch it has two positions. one on and one off. how can you add two positions for one switch then only add one for the other? how i stated it is, is what my electrical teacher taught me years ago. he made have been wrong but i bought it. you always have one less switch than the circuit you are talking about. three switches and a load is a four way circuit. four switches and a load is a five way circuit. etc. the load i understand is a necessary part of the circuit. a two switch circuit is called a three way circuit, not a three way switch. the switch is called a three way switch in reference to the three way circuit. with no load, no circuit.

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and in addition there is no two way switch. there is a single pole, three way and four way. you can have single pole double throw and double pole single throw or double pole double throw. but i've never seen a two way switch. the only circuit labeled different than my above comments is the single pole circuit. next we jump to the three way circuit. no two way.
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Originally Posted by Stubarber View Post
Hello, all.
The wife wanted illuminated switches placed at the top and bottom of our stairway - the circuit being one of those where you can turn the same bulb on or off with either switch (top or bottom of the stairs).

I bought 2 switches, swapped out the 3 wires to their respective positions and connected the grounds - but only the top switch would work properly, and only then if the bottom switch was in one position and not the other.

Figuring there might be some kind of loop with 2 to-ground connections in the same circuit I replaced the lighted bottom switch with the old unlighted switch - but that didn't help.

Is it not possible to add a illuminated switch to a 2-switch system?
It seems like you use two switches to control one light. It is consistent with the operation principle of two-way switch. The two-way light switch must be connected with one Live Line and one Negative line. And communication line btween two switches must be connected to work normally.
for more information reference
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