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    load bearing walls

    I live on a slab two story. I have two bearing walls on my first floor and one on my second floor. Most walls run from one side of the house to the other are bearing walls but not all well run from one wall to the other depends on if you have a second floor and what is up there room wise and if...
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    New stove wiring black,red,white where

    Need to know what wire go’s where in main box. Bought a new electric stove and have it all set up at the receptacle end and new 4 prong plug. #6 -4 wire but not sure about where the red, black, white wire go when connected to 50 amp breaker. I know that the plain copper wire goes to the bus...
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    Instant hot water tanks

    In other words, no shower while filling the washing machine, or no dishwasher and sink running while washing the clothes. This is wrong with the newer units sold today that can run more then one area, but as said price high. If you are looking for a nice shower then you may want to consider a...
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    Plywood over existink floor planks

    I see know reason for any insulation between the old floor and ply tongue and groove ¾ if you well be placing laminated floor down since it should have plastic placed down before the laminated floor is put down. But have you made sure you have the framing to hold up a second floor. Was it...
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    Is foam insulation or radiant barrier inas good or better than fiberglass insulation?

    There is no finished ceiling just the wood beams cross boards and back of the roof tiles. I well assume you well be replacing the ceiling. I don’t know why you would not want to use fiberglass insulation but if it is the dust you can get fiberglass rolls that are covered in plastic. As to...
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    Help with diagram for pelmets (not just a box type)

    http://www.johnsoninteriors.com/html/pelmets.htm http://www.hutchal.clara.net/curtains/nosew-pelmet.htm Have you tried your local Lowes/Homedepot you could go with the many diffrent ornamental mouldings. 2pyrs
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    Hiring day labor

    In this day and age one has to be most careful who they bring home. May I suggest you contact your local church or Community Center, local boy Scouts even some high schools have programs to help as long as it is simple clean up such as raking or moving some dirt, planting some bulbs for next...
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    Bleach to unclog drain???

    I know this is and old post but just incase someone takes a look at it I would like to point out the dangers in using bleach and then if you should decide to add other chemicals one word BOOM Not that long ago we had to dig out the main in the front yard of a guy who used a gallon of bleach...
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    Adding on to a room

    Do you have a plan drawing? Have you check materiel pricing? New two story/one? Small room or whole house add on? New slab floor/wood floor? Are you adding on to back or side to in large a room or rooms? Is the old wall a baring wall that you are adding onto? Do you want open trusses or...
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    Years ago when they started to make double pain windows all they did was place two pieces of glass together with a small air gap in aluminum frame. One of the problems was it would expand and contract so much that it would end up leaking or even warp the frames. New units today are vacuum sealed...
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    building a shed

    I personally like the pre-cut units that can be put up in one weekend. My barn (12’x16’) is off the ground and sits on 4x4 posts. A good kit comes with a tape showing you how to assemble it. We have to have permit here to build any out buildings. The only time a permit is not needed is for a...
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    granite countertops

    I am just finishing up a 22’x24’ second floor for that price. $7000 for counter tops WOW. That sucker must be a mile long.:) I have to say it one more time $7000 dollars WOW.How much is your house selling for? I am looking into the cement counter top you know make your own. $7000 dollars I...
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    Leveling costs

    Newowner asked: Could you get any house leveled for say $500? $500.00 Not in this life time. How many degrees is it out? If you are talking a fraction leave it but if you can’t open doors or windows you are looking at a lot more work. Once more with out on site check all I can...
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    Tile, carpet and hardwood

    Lowes has privet contractors. As with any contractor get it all in writing and ask for references. If you can take a look at his work and ask how long has he been doing it and is he insured? To answer each of your question talk to contractor he well best know what can be done for you after...
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    Tiling books or basic websites

    http://www.diynet.com/diy/pac_ctnt/text/0,2019,DIY_14161_29475,00.html Homedepot and Lowes all have good books on tiling. The best to me is http://www.hometime.com/Admin/shopsite/db_2400dvd.htm 2pyrs