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  • Sparky617
    Sparky617 replied to the thread Soffits.
    You might want to check with your local building codes office. In wildfire areas there are some specific requirements. I know for...
  • Sparky617
    You can find power strips with 3 ft (or 6 ft) cords and right angle plugs. Some even have rotating right angle plugs.
  • S
    Snoonyb replied to the thread Subpanel from stove circuit.
    Is the existing 240V stove circuit 3 or 4 conductor?
  • S
    Snoonyb replied to the thread Soffits.
    I'll let you decide for yourself; Attic Ventilation 101 | IIBEC
  • B
    Yeah I definitely don't want to kill grass I have a huge yard very nice grass and about a billion ugly clumps of thistle. Even hands and...
  • C
    Cody C replied to the thread Replace 23 year old oil furnace?.
    I was faced with similar situation. Fuel oil costed me 200 every 2 weeks. I had no plans to get geothermal. Unit with desuperheater, 4...
  • Jeff Handy
    WeedBGon concentrate, in a pump sprayer. Once a month on all thistles. They have a deep perennial taproot, hard to kill. Or Roundup...
  • jacksonnoah11
    jacksonnoah11 replied to the thread What siding is this?.
    Siding or wall cladding is the protective material attached to the exterior side of a wall of a house or other building. they have many...
  • B
    Hey all, Yep, title sums up my yard.Have you ever seen a lawn littered with that ugly, overtaking thistle weed? There's simply too much...
  • B
    Billbill84 replied to the thread Lawn maintenance help.
    How about sitting them boys down and talkin some serious sense into them. Mom's not doing good and still has to ask? You wouldn't mind...
  • N
    NeilG replied to the thread Soffits.
    I'm not sure how that applies to this situation. I can't change the existing vents. All I can do is provide adequate vents in the...
  • S
    One of the difficulties you will face, is overcoming, or a workaround for back splashes, as well as transitioning between cabinets...
  • S
    Snoonyb replied to the thread Soffits.
    By code, you are required to maintain a specific min area of attic ventilation. If you are not upslope and on a canyon edge.
  • S
    Snoonyb replied to the thread stucco hair line cracks.
    Were it I, I would use a wedge-shaped tool to create a "V" grove, and it doesn't need to be deep and with an aggregate caulk and a...
  • O
    Onion69420 replied to the thread Subpanel from stove circuit.
    Yep, the stove will feed the sub, and the sub will feed the 3 bedrooms. Not sure why they built the house the way they did. Originally...