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Jul 9, 2023
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Does anyone know an electrician who will perform a few small, residential repairs? Wire a range hood. Diagnose the problem in the power line to outbuilding. Replace the plug/cord for two 230v pumps. Commercial electricians won’t even return calls these days for such a small job.
Contact a local handyman.
If I was in Anytown USA and new to town there is nothing like word of mouth. I know there are sites that you can look up a trades person, but I trust someone with no skin in the game.

Go to your local ACE hardware and ask the manager if he knows an electrician maybe retired or will moonlight doing some small jobs. Ask your neighbors etc.

I’m lucky to have over many years built up my personal list of people I trust in the trades. I just added a young guy the other day in the heating and AC business.
I usually fit in smaller jobs. Doing so hooked me up for future larger jobs from those or ones they referred to me; renovations, complete house rewires etc. One was a GC in the area where his electrician bailed on him; the GC called me because one of his rental unit's electrical systems had issues. I met the GC that day at the unit, solved his issue and he ended up putting me on a few of his renovations.
A landlord called me with electrical issues at one of his units - small job turned into multiple renovations as this landlord owned 5 houses and 3 multiplex units and this landlord referred me to his brother who owns about 25 rental units. Even though I am retired as an electrician I am still working part time as a business consultant for the one of the brothers.

So I did not turn down small jobs.
Your House of Worship's bulletin is a good place to check. After getting a bunch of bids, that's where I found a fantastic tree service. (Cheapest one, too.)

If there are company electricians where you work, it's a good chance they do side work.

There's always Angi's List. (Be ready to get spammed, so use a sacrificial e-mail address.) Then, check their reviews outside of Angi, such as on Google Map reviews.

In what city are the projects? Maybe one of the members here knows people nearby.

PS: If time permits, maybe search how to do the projects and try them yourself. It may prove to be fun- and you get bragging rights!
I wouldn't go anywhere near Angi's List.
You can do a Google search for "licensed electricians near zip code xxxxx"
You can look on Craig's List
Also many places like convenience stores etc have business cards at the check out of GCs, plumbers, painters and electricians. Check some of them out. Also laundry mats have bulletin boards where people put their business cards.
Join a forum like "Neighborhood" and ask local residents for referrals of electricians they have used in the area.