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    Washer and freezer on the same 15A circuit?

    Technically yes there is. A clothes washer should be on a dedicated "laundry circuit". Chest freezer and clothes washer on same 15 amp circuit may trip the breaker depending on the size of the chest freezer motor. If both are running at the same time but started at different times such as the...
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    Garbage Disposer Switch Location

    If no ceiling light goes on or a porch light etc when you flip a "mystery" switch you may want to check some of the receptacles in the area of the mystery switches. The switches may turn a receptacle on and off with the switch. The duplex or single (half hot-or split receptacle) may be tied to...
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    Garbage Disposer Switch Location

    I can't think of a code violation if you swap them. I think it is just personal preference. Maybe I would want it set up the way it is now. If there is a light over the sink I would want the light switch closest to the sink so I don't turn on the disposer instead of the light all the time...
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    Motion sensor add on

    There are ways to add a motion sensor in another area than right next to or attached to the lights themselves. It really depends on the set up of the lights presently and the ability to access the wiring that is there in order to tap into it. Example of what I mean: Let's say these two lights...
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    Happy New Year-Welcome Year 2021

    . To everyone on this forum - members and non-members I want to wish a very Happy New Year 2021 May we see brighter days ahead of this pandemic. :clap .
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    RECALL-Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans-Sold at Home Depot

    Just figured I would post this for informational purposes. Blades detached while in use, injuring people and property FOX News article here Article issued on Dec 28 2020
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    Telephone Wiring - Phone Jacks Not Working

    I was using Magic Jack for awhile also. Mainly for my electrical business. My cell phone area code was not from the area I moved to now and if people saw my listing online with an area code 4 hours away it would make them think I am not in this area. I had no problems with Magic Jack and yes...
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    Add separate grounding to subpanel, split ground/neutral

    First question - is the conduit that is coming from the main panel feeding this sub panel metal or PVC? I can't tell by the picture. If it is metal conduit the conduit acts like the ground in this case. But the neutral and ground should still be separate in the sub panel. There are threaded...
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    220 sub panel with no Neutral

    Bud16415 - I like that feature of the safety circulator in case the heater goes out. I have had two hot tubs in the past. None of them had that feature. But what happens if there is a power failure for more than a day and you don't have a generator - yikes!!
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    Outlets and light switches

    We need to know first where the power is coming from. Three different scenarios are possible - if you have #3 you can't make the change without running new cable. If #2 or #1 or can make a change by rewiring what is there. #1 If the power is coming from the light switch box and there is a...
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    Outlets and light switches

    Can you see if there is only one cable in the receptacle box? Where ever the receptacle is being feed from it has a neutral. If it is being fed from the ceiling box and the ceiling box is being fed from the switch box (not a switch loop) then there is no way to make this receptacle stay on when...
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    Telephone Wiring - Phone Jacks Not Working

    I believe and I could be wrong but may not be that the plug/clip (larger one) is called the RJ45 for the cable/internet line which is called CAT6 (or 5). The smaller clip for the phone is called an RJ11 which is connected to a phone line.
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    Telephone Wiring - Phone Jacks Not Working

    I don't know much about phone lines but is your internet DSL based? If so usually (well in the past) filters were used so the phone lines could still be used for phone calls while providing DSL Internet. This comes from years back and it may not even be that way today. Just wondering if maybe a...
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    Circuit breaker trips only while taking a shower, in master bathroom?

    Two things here. This is the first mention of a main breaker tripping. Did you mean the GFCI breaker tripping in this post? Also, if this circuit is protected by a GFCI breaker there is no need for a GFCI receptacle. The receptacle does not provide any extra protection and in fact may not play...
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    Circuit breaker trips only while taking a shower, in master bathroom?

    Is this a regular breaker or a GFCI or AFCI breaker? Also, this circuit that keeps tripping where else in the house does it go? Just in this bathroom? When the breaker trips you would test the other lights and receptacles to see what else is affected when the breaker is off. Wondering if it is...