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    you may have to combine several things - foam strips, door sweeps - your door may be slightly warped - on one of mine, I had to pare down a foam strip to an angle to make it fit across the floor tightly
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    Winiterizing our Hot Tub

    As a good rule of thumb, winterize before Halloween in the north
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    Double Fireplace

    the double fireplace is a great look but with only a half-wall, are you planning on building a chimney as well, or using a gas?
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    Paint-which brand is best?

    I agree - no matter what brand you use, you have to go with two coats to get the look you want - I like Behr and Sherwin Williams -
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    Need to set up storage in garage

    I use rubbermaid chests and closets I bought at Lowe's - quite reasonable, everything has a place and everything stays dry.
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    home improvement shows

    I think the Carolla show premieres next week, but I am not sure - I don't really care for his style of humor (he seems to go out of his way to grate) -but I do recall fondly the utterly politically incorrect "Man Show"
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    I would be interested in finding any additional material as well, beyond bank lists and 800#s of people wanting to sell you the list they compiled.
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    my home security experience

    From everything I have ever heard from cops, etc..., the sign alone is the best deterrent to burglars. As for fire and carbon monoxide, that is a different matter.
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    Who is everyone with

    Gun, knives, dogs, and the ADT sign that a neighbor gave me when he moved - the sign can do as much good as anything else - rocket launchers and land mines are probably over the top, tho.
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    granite countertops

    Thanks - will check the website out - how much did you end up paying per linear foot, if I may?
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    Concrete Cracks

    Will this work on repairing foundations, or just outside support walls?
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    Less Expensive Winter Heating

    Classy1 - what do you mean about the plexiglas sheeting? Is this a kind of build-your-own storm window trick?
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    Kerosene Heaters

    Good point, classy - and while kerosene heaters give reasonable radiant warmth, unless the room is quite small they never really deliver the heat where you want it - a good space heater is the way to go.
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    prefabricated housing

    What do we all think about prefab housing - has anyone looked at the Roscia Romero steel houses? They are pricey, but at least from the catalogues, they are amazing. Has anyone seen anything comparable?
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    log homes

    How about a thread on log home living as long as we are at it?