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    Cracks in the wall

    I am looking at purchasing a house built in the 1950's that is on a pier-beam foundation. There are about 8-9 cracks through the entire house (2000 sq). None are very large in width, a couple centimeters at most, but some are long, like 2-3 feet. Is this something to be very alarmed about or...
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    Removing a bathtub

    Is it difficult to tear out an old cermanic bathtub and install a new one? Is it something a experienced DIY guy can do? Someone told me I would probably have to tear out the wall in order to do it. Always true?
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    Refinishing Hardwood Floors

    Can someone give me a break down on the DIY on refinishing hardwood floors. The ones in the house now are in real bad condition. I know I need to sand them. Just use a belt sander? After I sand them then what? Do I need to take out the old stain or just restain them after I sand them?