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    dishwasher issue

    Hi I recently moved into a house and the top of the dishwasher is not attached to the counter. What would be the best way to attach it? 20180311_135710 by bliveng1 posted Mar 15, 2018 at 8:06 PM
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    drywall crack

    I attached another wider shot and one that shows the support beam before the drywall was on. I figured it was probably either normal wood drying out or foundation settling. Is it likely to crack again after being repaired?
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    drywall crack

    I do have a warranty until next month. I have put a request in with the warranty company. I just wanted to get other opinions on it.
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    drywall crack

    Hi I have a drywall crack on an overhead ceiling beam. The house is 1 year old. 2 floors and walk out basement. The crack is on the main floor ceiling. Could this be normal or something to be concerned about? I have attached the picture.