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    What are you watching?

    You might be wonder but around here, people loves to watch Korean series. There are also good series ans cartoons in the cable TV too, but not that popular.
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    Stained bathtub

    You have already 'deep clean' the toilet and the stain is still there. I guess normal cleaner won't work. I suggest cleansing agent that labeled as 'concentrated'. Another good way is to use hydrogen peroxide. I google the website and there are nice tips here How to Clean Tough Stains from a...
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    What is this on my floor?

    From the picture I doubt it's mold. I'm pretty sure that it's just inner part of your carpet. Just flip up the carpet and see what's happen. About the possibility that it would be mold. Don't worry too much. Mold is not that dangerous of you don't eat them. A normal fabric face mask is...
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    Replacing ceiling fan - No electrical box?

    Screw and screw anchor are also good alternative. With proper amount of them and double sided foam tape, it'll be very strong.
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    The Dangers of Ibruprofen

    That's new for me. Sounds scary, though. I've heard too that NSAIDs are irritated to the stomach. Does aspirin have same effect as Ibuprofen? Since they're both NSAIDs.
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    Why do you work so hard?

    My jobs always benefits the country and people. It's not just for a money. If I work harder then everyone will get happy, that's why I work harder and harder everyday. And of course, I love it, too.
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    How many folks use the energy saving bulbs?

    I use Philips 15 watts 'daylight' ones. Generally, it's better than incandescent in most aspects, except it can't be used with dimmer.
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    Does concrete restoration last?

    It depends. The patch isn't the problem, if it's properly place it'll be there for a long time. The real problem is the cause of crack. If your floor crack because impact from usage, the patch should OK until it gets another big impact. However, if your floor crack because non-uniform...
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    Which is your favorite color of Home wallpaper?

    I don't have any wallpaper on, but if I would have one, I would like white background with some pretty images on. I'm sure it'll be better than paint, because my painting skill is miserable.