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    Forgot Vapor barrier

    you are ok. vapor barriers are a double edge sword. lots and lots of debate. i've seen the good and the bad. i would probably caulk the joints before before putting the redguard on but then again, i'm a plumber who moonlights laying ceramic tile. done it both ways, never had a call back on...
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    GFCI Outlet Question

    since you are remodeling try to do as joe d says and put two appliance outlets on seperate circuits as per code. you need to find out if the dishwasher is on this same circuit. garbage disposal too? frig? i know it should have been wired correctly the first time but i have seen kitchens with...
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    dead outlet mystery

    the spark you speak of tells me there was a short. this usually causes a breaker to trip. my advice is to go back and look those breakers over good. if you know exactly which breaker it is, turn it all the way off then back on. if you don't know which one it is look real close at all of them...
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    New water heater problem-wife ready to kill me.

    if it runs 5 minutes and then goes lukewarm, put your money on the lower element. could be a factory defective element that went out quick. budro
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    Funny smell in the water

    speedbump, good advice about the temp waxing the bacteria. i see this post has some age, but in the future i would recomend you warn the good folks about the burn and scald potential by cranking the heat up. they sometimes cannot translate what we suggest to what it will become until it actually...
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    neutrals and grounds on same bar

    good advice by all. one time i was called to an electrical problem at a house. when i got there the lights on one circuit were glowing bright, then dimming. glowing bright, then dimming. up and down, again and again. when i found the interior panel i could see an orange glow illuminating the...
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    2 hot wires coming into receptacle

    you guys probably got it right, but i have seen folks not familar with digital testers accidently push the "hold" button on their meters and get 120v on everything. i've had a few laughs with them when they call me and they believe every wire in their house is hot. that plug would pop a breaker...
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    ** I need some help and advice about my entire house please! **

    you need to take inventory of what you have. sell what you can at the yard sale this weekend. take a look around you. don't like what you see? change it. you say you and hubby have been on this downward spiral for years and now you want change? well, take a year, month, week, day, whatever and...
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    Hardwood Flooring Compressor/Nailer -- would you buy?

    lowe's has a porter cable compressor rated for about 150 psi. i really like it. i have been in the business for several years and even though they make bigger better more expensive models i find this one suits my needs as a contractor who uses it weekly if not daily. it is the one with the one...
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    Glass Blocks?

    i built a million dollar house a few years ago and we had a six foot round diameter shower with glass blocks on the plans. after research, we opted for the acrylic (plastic) blocks. we laid them just like they were glass and they did fine. the only place we could find glass block was a brick...
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    How are old tubs held in??

    the tub is usually installed just by weight. on the back 5' wall of the tub you will usually find three or four 2x4 wedges under the lip of the tub nailed off to the wall studs. the top end is cut at a slight angle so the installer could tap it in tight and level the tub at the same time. after...
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    How are old tubs held in??

    not 100% sure what you are saying, but here goes. on old tubs where old tile was used they bedded the walls about one inch deep with mud to accept the tile. when you tear this out in modern day we use 1/2" backer board. the end result is you have a 5' tub with a 5' 2" opening. more or less. you...
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    painting wicker furniture

    help. my employer wants me to paint his wicker furniture at his condo. we have brought it back to the shop where we can attack it any way we please. it is sealed with a natural finish. he wants to paint it black. will new paint stay on the furniture if i don't remove the old sealer? if i need to...
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    backerboard under new cabinets

    i agree with havasu. i have run into problems with the dishwasher going under cabinets when you have different heights. best to stay the same all the way. the time you save laying the bb in an open room will probably even out with the time it takes to cut the bb around the cabinets. also it is...
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    Bowl Emptying Hesitates and Then Flushes

    holding the handle and watching it work certainly doesn't determine if it flushes good or not. with too much slack in the chain the handle will pull the flapper up 20-50% of what it should be doing. looks ok to someone not knowing any better but causes the commode to flush poorly. anyone with...