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    What should we use on our stairs?

    You can buy a non slip ceramic tile and nose it with maple.
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    Sheetrock Thickness?

    Noah; If you're going to do any upgrades it may as well be now. Depending of course where you live, you might want to start with the insulation. If the house is 30 years old, it probably has R12 in the walls that you should bump up to R20 and add a vapor barrier. It will pay for itself. I would...
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    Help w/ Armstrong furnace

    Glenn; I figured it out. It was the pressure switch that was faulty. Bought one and changed it and it works fine now. The other small space heaters with the control on the back is for back draft protection. Cleaned up the connections and they work fine. Thanks for all your help. When you start...
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    Good morning Glenn, Insp, & Travelover; You will be so proud of me. I didn't blow myself up or anything even remotely drastic. The switch turned out to be a cut out switch to shut the furnace off in the event of a down draft problem. Once I new what I was chasing it was easy to find the problem...
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    Window Fixed (Almost)

    When I lived in Tampa those windows were very common. Most glass shops had the strips. This was a few years ago so you could try the older glass shops if you have no success with the new ones. Good luck.
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    I have what seems to be a thermopile in the back of a NG space heater.The 2 wires run to what seems to be a thermostat to shut off the pilot light if the heater gets too hot. I can't get the pilot light to stay lit. I've bt passed the thermopile and it works. Can I run the heater without it? I...
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    Help w/ Armstrong furnace

    Glenn; The fan is definitely working. It cuts in and out on a regular basis but nothing else happens.There is a tube that goes from the fan motor (which I imagine is what they are calling the inducer) and goes to what looks like it could be a switch. It is a round thing against the panel that...
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    Unit Backfires when heat comes on.

    Kashka, I would take his words of caution very seriously. I had a garage furnace doing the same thing. I was lucky. I only had to replace the garage door and jam and the right mirror on the car. It can happen fast.
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    Thermostat wire for gas fireplace

    Is this thermopile in the thermostat itself? If so, I may have just found a solution to a few of my problems.
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    Help w/ Armstrong furnace

    I have an Armstrong Ultra V Tech 80 furnace that won't start. The trouble light flashes a code 3 as the problem. The manual gives a fault description as "pressure switch open with inducer on". What the heck does that mean in english? Sure would appreciate any help I can get. Thx.
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    Get this-I found the fusebox behind shower drywall

    I just came across your post. I'm assuming that the panel is on the outer wall of the bathroom with its back to the shower. In this case when you re-drywall and seal the area, you shouldn't have a problem. There should also be a shower or tub surround between the water and the wall. This...
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    Adding additional breaker for pool pump

    With 200 amp service you shouldn't have a problem finding an opening for it, but remember to use a GFIC ( ground fault interupter )breaker. This is extremely important when you are dealing with any outdoor appliance especially pools and hottubs. The installation isn't complicated, but...
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    The World's Best Exterior Paint Primer

    I've never heard of it. Must be a new product. But painting has always been a sore spot for me, so if you find anything out, be sure to share it with the rest of us.
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    Installing copper pipe

    Maybe. I just had my first experience with the stuff a couple of weeks ago. I was a stonch copper man until I tried it. Up here the're using it everywhere in new construction. I was always a little afraid of it until I re plumbed an entire house recently. Sure makes life easier.
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    Run out of hot water

    If this an older water heater and you have hard water, there could be a build up of sediment in the tank. This would decrease the capacity or if it's a gas water heater it would increase the recovery time.