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    Structural Decking Tips

    Wow, what a list! Thanks for posting this, on another forum someone needed a list like this with these great tips ect. I will be sure to point the person over here to read your great article!
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    Deck Design Ideas

    hey nice find GuRu! you rule! lol, I liked some of the coastal pictures :)
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    Deck photo

    not much, nor big, even though the angle and pic size make it looks like it :D
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    How Big Is Your Deck?

    I have a 15x15 on the side of my house, not much for the jobs I do for decks I have made some big designed ones, they are very nice :D
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    How often should I repaint my deck?

    Depends wether the paint is pealing or coming off in some form, other wise if you water seal it you should be fine for at least 2 years :)
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    What is the best way to keep that wood look natural?

    Sanding, staining, and water sealing :D that is the best way to go :)
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    Which Deck Has The Least Amount of Maitenance?

    metal always works great, only thing about them is the rusting of it, but other than that it really is (usually) the studiest of them all :)
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    What fasteners do you use?

    I use just nails and screws too lol, tiger claws are a good idea, you don't have to go into the wood so they prevent the weakening of the wood around the nails/screws keeping it up longer :D
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    Before I stain (PREP)

    I usually do this: *Wash *Sand *Wash *Let dry *Sweep *Stain *Let dry *Water Seal and your done :D
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    stain for Florida ?

    Hmmm... I found this (http://www.messmers.com/prod_uv_faq.html) it has UV protectants in it to protect the stain for the sun, not so sure about the rain though. Everyone I know that lives in florida have composite decking so they do not need to have stains or paints.
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    Stain Remover...?

    I usually just do a thorough sanding and it usually takes care of it. Personally I would not manually do it, get like an automatic sander.
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    Which Stain Brand should I use?

    Here is a site I found interesting about how you should pick a stain, something that would last long and look nice. You should check it out... http://www.ehow.com/how_14420_choose-wood-stain.html
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    Metallic Decking Vs Wood Decking

    I like wood better, it looks nice and more natural. Unless there is a need for a metal deck (something that lasts longer) then I would rather prefer that. There are ways to make a metal deck look better though (carpets, fake wood prints, ect.)
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    pool decking?

    Metal with say a "pool rug" would be better than wood just because when people get out of the pool they would drip water all over the wood and if the wood was not sealed it would rot. You best bet would be either metal or composite wood, both are much easier to take care of around a pool...
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    Ipe Hardness? and Fasteners...

    I would recommend that you should just plan where you need to drill, it makes it easier. Also get a more powerful drill too, not a hand held on maybe a table drill because the material is a little stronger than wood