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    Rebuilding the deck after F-3.

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    Flooring options for basement floor?

    I installed laminate flooring similar to https://www.costco.com/Harmonics-Harbor-Scraped-Oak-Laminate-Moisture-Resistant-Flooring-20.15-SQ-FT-Per-Box.product.100395868.html Right now they sell it for 31.99 (20 sq.ft), so it's $1.6 x sq ft It looks great and very easy to install. Also, it comes...
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    Knocking noise pipes

    I had the same issue with knocking noise in the upstairs bathroom behind the shower cabin. Plumber came, opened the wall, installed additional arrestor... still the same... Then he installed a big arrester in the basement on water intake pipe .... still the same knocking noise... At the end, he...
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    Getting ready to build concrete slabs for 2 - 8x10 plastic storage sheds

    These articles may help: Popular shed foundations and how to build a concrete pad for a shed
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    Keeping track of home maintenance and repair tasks

    I cross off a completed task and erase it after 1 week. ;-)