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    Codes for building a deck

    Fortunately, I am not part of a HOA so no worries there. I do wonder, however, about the closeness to the property line. I have been doing some research though so I should be able to find my answer.
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    I did not know this existed...

    Does anyone have this type of decking? If so do you find it to be more cost effective than traditional wood decking?
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    Deck Design Ideas

    That is pretty cool. Thanks for those pics!
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    Deck Furniture

    My parents have wood furniture on their wood deck. It works out really well for them. They do have to put it away each year for the winter, but they seem to be ok with that. It is heavier than aluminium so consider that.
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    Codes for building a deck

    I am looking to put a wrap around deck on my house. Does anyone know if there are codes against having a deck too close to my property line? I know that my dad ran into some problems when he was putting up a shed in his backyard and the neighbors claimed it was too close to their property.
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    I did not know this existed...

    To be honest when I saw this thread I had never heard of metallic decking. It made me go look it up and find out what it was about. After finding the following site:, I have almost convinced myself this is the best way to go. Maintenance Free was the biggie...
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    Deck Design Ideas

    GuRu, Thank you for those reference sites. I have looked through both and found them to be useful. I am a visual so this is a necessity for me!
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    So Many Options

    Checking out the two sites and reading on these products, Trex seems to provide the better product description: vs. I have not done the price comparison though.
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    Pressure Treated?

    I have heard that if you have an existing deck, with pressure treated wood, it poses no danger. Actually tearing it down could release more chemicals than leaving it in place! I will try and find a reference to this and post it...
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    Deck Design Ideas

    Hey does anyone have any references for some good sites with deck designs? I would like to get an idea of different styles that are out there.
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    When Is Deck Maintenance Necessary?

    Liz, You should maintain your deck about once a year. The deck should be checked for loose boards and protruding nails, thoroughly cleaned, and resealed. Pressure washing your deck will remove dirt, algae, moss, and other organic matter. For resealing, apply a clear or semi-clear liquid sealant...
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    Thinking about a new Deck

    I am getting ready to add a deck to the back of my house. When the time comes to choose a contractor, how will I distinguish between a certified, experienced contractor and someone who is in it for a buck? I figured I would do a little research and some probing in forums to get some help from...