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    Cannot hang prints!

    Oh man! Ouch.
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    Cannot hang prints!

    Hey, we figured out a solution thanks to you guys! Apparently a big reason why my boyfriend didn't want to do the concrete anchor or whatnot was because he didn't think the apartment company would appreciate us drilling into the brick. Alas, we did do that and all is well. So, thanks...
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    How do I locate where ants are coming from/in?

    We had this in our previous kitchen and we ended up finally throwing our hands up in the air and hiring an exterminator.
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    New home owner here.

    Welcome! :)
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    Staining or painting wood?

    My SO and I did this on a smaller scale and it was a lot of work! We sanded it down by hand with a fine grain and man, I had no idea how much work and elbow grease it would take. Luckily, everything went well and we were your DIY amateurs. :) We had to put on two stains and another one...
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    Cannot hang prints!

    Okay, you guys have been so so awesome with your help and feedback. Thank you! Sorry I keep running to this forum for all of my woes! So.. I'm trying to hang up a print and a clock in our living room. The walls and everything are very very old. I can't hang anything up because the wall...
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    Tone down gold mirror frame?

    This works wonders!!
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    Stained bathtub

    So, we moved into an apartment with an old bathroom. Everything is in great condition but I cannot get over the bathroom. It is tiny and is definitely the most aged. Even after a deep clean, it still looks filthy from the stains on the outside of the bathtub, toilet, and sink! What can I...
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    How to deal with window in shower

    Wow, my sweetheart and I just moved into an apartment with a shower/bath window. It has driven us nuts! Ultimately we decided to do the pressure rod and cutting a shower curtain route. It doesn't look bad and it really protects the woodwork. Of course I would be thrilled to not have it in...
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    Decorating Ideas For Small Rooms

    Love it. Great tips! I have to add that something my sweetheart and I found effective are large wall prints! Depending on how or where you hang them, large prints can look dramatic and really open a room. Smaller prints and knick knacks tend to clutter a room, making it look messy and small...
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    Why do you work so hard?

    I totally echo these sentiments. I love a job well done. To me, doing well at my job or personal project keeps my life in balance and makes me feel good about myself. Gives me a sense of the "weight" or "cost" of life as well and makes me appreciate it more!
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    Garage Parties

    Definitely depends on what state you live in.. In MN, it is so unbearable in the winter! However, during the summer I love to have garage parties. They're definitely less formal than serving red wine, but whatever works! Our flooring (epoxy) definitely makes it a lot cozier. We open up...
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    What is the Most Entertaining Thing?

    Home improvement stuff -- making shelves, sanding down old furniture, painting old furniture, etc. Absolute favorite past time.. not even really exclusive to things to do in the garage.
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    Awesome Fridges

    What a cute idea! We just have our freezer in our garage..
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    Drive-In Theater

    LOVE IT! My friends have a similar set up to the backyard home theater idea, except a lot less polished. What an awesome idea!