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From Long Island, NY. Spent 8 years in the Army as an M1A1/A2 Abrams tanker. Graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems & a Bachelor's in Economics. And I am back in school like an idiot. I work in Tech. I love baseball & football, drawing, skiing, cars & motorcycles, video games, building PCs, and some other stuff. My brother (R.I.P) was amazing with mechanics and electronics, and my father (R.I.P.) was a self-taught carpenter and did most of the home projects himself. Both were badasses. If I can be like 10% of what they were, I'll be alright.

Anyway, I have a house to maintain. Got tons of projects to do, and things to fix, maintain, improve, renovate, etc. I wish I was back in my apartment in Brooklyn, but it is nice having a tool room, and having lawn and trees.

I am alright with home repair. I am mechanically inclined, and repair a lot of things on my motorcycle and like to build things and like to DIY stuff. However, I am still learning and I hate electrical things like getting shocked & things involving compressed gas like blowtorches. Domestic repairs are not my forte, but I try to do what I can because there are a lot of predatory people out there and things can get expensive. Hopefully I can learn from others & share my experiences & limited knowledge with others to pay it forward. Should be fun.
Aug 27, 1972 (Age: 50)
Long Island, NY