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    Garage Foundation Issue

    The hole was filled with concrete sealer by the home warranty company, because they thought the problem was hydrostatic pressure. (In this picture I highlighted the area of the wall where the pipes are).
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    Garage Foundation Issue

    Thank you all for your replies! The "grass" is actually a rug lol. My husband and I just purchased a fan and some DampRid to try to dry up the area. We will definitely try to dry the area up and then see where the moisture starts again. There is no moisture coming from above or from the hot...
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    Garage Foundation Issue

    I am stumped! I have owned a townhome in South Carolina for one year now and we have this continuing issue with the concrete in our garage (see photos below: top was taken 6/25/2019; bottom was taken 3/11/2020). The concrete in this area is constantly damp. It never dries and is always wet to...