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    RTA kitchen cabinets?

    Thanks for the comment/testimony. There are several kitchen cabinet places around here, but most seem to want to deal with custom or high end mansions (you know, with 15' ceilings and fancy stuff everywhere). Our house is 1960's, with 8' ceilings and in the kitchen, there's a 15" soffit due to...
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    RTA kitchen cabinets?

    I am planning a kitchen remodel too. One thing I noticed with kitchen cab. manufacturers... is that their literature may say that they're real wood... but apparently they think that particle board = 'real wood'. Other times, you have to remember to specify that you want plywood backs and sides...
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    Hum... depending on where the climber is going (on a fence? house? tree? pillar?) makes a lot of difference in what you'd want to use. If it's a high traffic area... don't use things with thorns. If it's a shady area don't use roses. Do you like flowers? Or do you want just green? There are...
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    I use beer in a pan, when I need. Slugs are bad for some flowers and such. Ichhy things. The beer acts like bait, they fall in... drown. Personally I hate beer :D so using it for slugs doesn't faz me a bit. Oh, and I don't have a dog either.... <wink>
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    landscape edging

    wow... how interesting!!! Thanks to all who've offered opinions on this. I too am looking at redoing/creating some flower beds.... edging. I had bought a roll of the "contractors" plastic edging a couple years ago. What a pain to install in an existing yard/bed. If you do it by hand... like...
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    Palm tree near house

    Hi back... saw this post... I live in South Florida. We have several palms in our yard. Back when we bought the house, we had an issue with the landscaping. The previous owner had planted fruit tree seeds and palm seedlings 1 to 2' away from the house. That was fine for 15 years, but by the...
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    Lift Delivery

    If you're driveway is concrete... get an engine lift. (they usually have wheels). Have the delivery folks set it on the ground in your driveway. Roll out the lift, attach to the tower midway. Be slow and methodical, be sure to figure out where your fulcrum (balance point) is. Let the lift...
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    Workout DVDs

    Stuff from The Firm works wonders. Results begin soon, sure in 10 weeks. They've been in business for 20 years, out in California. They have a new DVD workout set out, I don't know about that one. But all their other stuff has been great. You can buy them from Amazon (DVD or VHS) or from The...
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    New Look

    like it love it... great. easy to use too... :agree:
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    Terrazo Question

    hum... quick question... when one replaces cast iron plumbing in a house renovation, code requires that the old stuff be dug up. That means that 1.5 foot trenches are dug across the foundation/floor of your home. Usually, the GC fills it back with regular concrete after the inspection...
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    Cleaning question-NOT about ears... lol

    I DID! I DID!!!! Yeah... since I grew up near the er... Canadian border.... I thought it was stylin'!!!! lol... okay... we are so off topic now....
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    rotting beam

    lol... true true!!! Price was right and it'll last for 50 years or more!
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    Major discrepancy between finished space and what's on record with the village

    hum... in my town, you can pull the building code off of the town website. Can you do the same? My husband would advise you to build it better than code. I would imagine that the only thing worse than having someone discover you'd finished a basement, would be to have them find things not to...
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    laminate vs Hardwood floor

    also... for those lovers of real wood flooring... There are quite a few places that sell overstock, or canceled job orders of wood flooring. If you've got small rooms, you might could pick up an odd job lot at a major discount. If you're a bit creative, you can even do a hardwood floor with...
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    laminate vs Hardwood floor

    Well....I'm no expert. But I've lived with both laminate and hardwood. Plus, I've lived in areas with lots of sand, dirt, dogs/cats, hard use.... From that perspective... my vote is for good (not pine) hardwood floors IF your particular circumstance, sub floor and climate allow for it...