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    Fix or Replace Window in cement block garage?

    I would replace the window
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    Stained bathtub

    A friend had this problem with a home he bought and just used basic cleaning supplies and went to work on it
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    How to get rid of lap marks?

    Yeah a spray pain coat will work
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    pill bug or cockroach?

    yeah they look like pill bugs
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    Hardwood doors or double glazed doors?

    I would go with the double glazed
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    Cleaning question-NOT about ears... lol

    I've had this problem before and rubbing alcohol works best
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    Mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lawnmowers

    I use metal mesh to block them out and it does a decent job
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    Indoor Hot tub

    I can speak from experience that adding an indoor hot tub is a tricky situation
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    ** Blocking Out the Neighbors **

    Adding some sort of bush or flowers would work by then again not sure if they could survive the Vegas summers
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    Mold keeps coming back

    There must be some place that is leaking. It may be best to hire a professional to find the source and fix this
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    Our kitchen reno--complete!

    Looks good
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    Removing front window from front door... is it possible?

    It sounds like you may need to get a new door
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    Tiling over an old tiles floor

    I would do the same thing, tiling over old tiles can cause problems down the road
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    what do you think of Yellow walls in a kitchen?

    If it's a soft yellow it might not be bad
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    How do I locate where ants are coming from/in?

    A friend of mines had an ant problem and wasn't able to figure out where they were coming from. He hired so called "experts" who also were no help.