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    Need Suggestion

    Go to HOME DEPOT and talk to the guy in the cabinet department, they carry all you need to build your diswasher cabinet. Extension, diswasher end base and countertop. Still you need electrical outlet, hot water line (Diswasher only works with hot water) and drain.
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    low flow faucet

    Shut off hot water valve and remove supply line. Slowly open valve to test for pressure, if not pressure, remove valve stem and see what you find wrong there. If pressurized, check supply line, blowing it to make sure is open. If line is open then you have to deal with the faucet.
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    Outside Bathroom floor drain

    If this new shower is going to be discharging to your actual sewer line, this part must be connected to a U or trap below the floor. Drain rules may call for all drains to be traped to avoid gases from surfacing.
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    Outside Bathroom floor drain

    Do you mean outside shower?. The shown PVC drain part look like a 3 inches one, more than enough for draining your future shower. Make sure it is flushed to the floor and pitch the floor toward the drain.
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    Run out of hot water

    Why does this happen?....Low capacity water heater tank. Water heater temperature set too low, allowing you to open hot water side of shower full blast. Rise temperature of water heater or shut water off after getting wet when showering and on got the idea.
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    Lack of Gas Hot Water

    May be a crossed line, a cold water line connected to the hot water line. Shut off valve at water heater and open hot water side from any faucet, if water still continue to run, you have a crossed line. Also you may have a pressure unbalance, cold water carrying a lot more pressure than hot...
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    Stripping and refinishing kitchen cabinets

    If these cabinets are painted with a lot of coats of paint over, try a heat gun to remove as much as possible coats of paint and then use the chemical remover to finish the removing steps.
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    Desperate Mom needs HELP!!

    Seek help from your city housing department.
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    low flow toilet recommendations

    Low price? I found good reliability in LAMOSA from home depot.
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    Slow draining tub

    Also check the lowerflow hole, remove scrwed cover. Use a 4 to 5 inches piece of wire with a 1/4 inche folded at the end to remove hairs from these hole. This in addition to the overflow " as posted".
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    Bleach to unclog drain???

    I wont recommend chemicals for drain cleaning, instead, if you own a wet and dry vacuum use it to sucks the troubling matters out. It is cheap, cleaner and safer. If that fails, you have a big trouble that requires a pro to deal with it.
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    Thermocouple Installation Question

    Sure you should be concerned, call the plumber back...
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    Thermocouple Installation Question

    There is not supposed to be flame at the base of the thermocouple or pilot line. It sounds like you have a leak in each case. Since thermocouple carry no gas, leak has to be located at pilot line bases. Make sure bases are not loose. If unable to do it by yourself, shut off gas valve and call...