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    york heatpump

    I understand the business end and I'm all for making money. This round started Dec. 10 and the company said the part would be in within three days. Now that I'm not certain how reputable the company is. or reliable, I have tried to take advantage of the near summer weather and look at my...
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    york heatpump

    About the locating the price of the defrost bar for the 4 ton york unit. I was quoted what seemed like a very unreasonable price. I will assume that you meant a local YORK dealer and I appreciate your input. I went online to YORK and entered the defrost bar and that was my first indication...
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    york heatpump

    Where would you find the cost of a part, such as a defrost bar for a YORK 4 ton heatpump. I have my serial & model #.s :confused:
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    New HVAC unit

    Where would you find the cost of a part for a York heatpump 4 ton I have the model and serial #'s. :confused: