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    Everstar Portable Air Conditioners?

    Hi guys! My mother-in-law picked up one of these Eversar units many years ago. She got it at Home Depot for pretty cheap. It finally died and we are trying to find her a new one. It looks like they don't actually make then anymore. Can anyone recommend another decent and cheap portable unit...
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    Leaking Delonghi Air Conditioner

    We have one of these Westpoint ac units in a rental property that we manage. The tenant called last night to tell us it is leaking all over the floor. I can't get out there until tomorrow so I told her to mop it up as best as she can. Any tips for dealing with this? Am I on the hook for a new one?
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    Laminate floor

    We just did those floating laminate diy kits from Home Depot. It worked well. We finished it in 1/2 day.
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    My kitchen renovation

    looks awesome! i love the backsplash1
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    What Do I Do With This Ugly Thing?

    Yep, has to be vented out the window with the hose.
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    What Do I Do With This Ugly Thing?

    So the husband brought home this portable ac. He thinks it will save money this summer because we won't have to run the central unit as much. But it is ugly. And big. And it has to be parked in front of one of my windows. Any tips how to cover it or hide it?
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    Affordable Home Decor Items

    Walmart is good. But we often find ourselves at IKEA for inspiration. They do a nice job laying out various rooms in their showrooms. And you can't beat their prices.
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    A/C putting out somewhat cool air. Summer is coming!

    We pulled out old AC and put in split unit. We found the Pioneer one (on Amazon) for less than $800. We installed it ourselves over a weekend. It came with amazing instructions and videos to help.
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    Broken Bulb

    Had the same problem this morning! Thanks for the tips. I used needle nose pliers and it came right out. Thanks for the reminder to unplug it first!
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    Ductless Split Air Conditioners

    We love our split ac. It was a snap to install. We went with a Pioneer one and it came with videos and directions for us to install it. But you better check with the landlord before you start drilling. It needs a small hole to put the tubing through.
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    Stained bathtub

    We used Oxy-Clean and a Magic Eraser and a lot of elbow grease. It worked. Good luck!
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    RE: Experience with Reddy Heaters?

    We are thinking about investing in a propane heater for our garage. We read the reviews of the Reddy Heater 55 model, but we want to know if anyone has any experience with it. Thanks for any help!
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    Masterbathroom remodel help, video inside!

    Maybe someone here can help me. We are re-doing our bathroom and trying to save cash. We picked up a vanity at Home Depot and we just finished painting. We are totally stuck on the issue of the bathroom heater, however. We found some nice ones here, but we are wondering if this is something we...
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    RE: Sharp Refrigerator Hot

    We have one of these Sharp Butterfly SJ-WM36T stainless steel fridges. Overall, we've been really happy with it over the past three years. But this morning, I opened it to find that it is hot inside. What does this mean? Any tips would be appreciated.