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    Header or not

    good news is that it's "do-able" bad news is that there is a lot of detail to consider. Since it appears to be under load (I'm assuming the ceiling in the other room isn't just dropped for convenience) it's probably a good idea to get somebody to calculate the loads and figure out the correct...
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    Is there fill to allow screw for sash lock?

    +1 for bamboo skewers and Chopsticks. I use those when I feel like it would take too many toothpicks. I also saw a video recently where somebody used Bondo as long as you paint over it or try and match the wood color but I've never tried it.
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    Which is the best refrigerator?

    ice makers.... I hate ice makers.... I love ice. I've replace the ice maker components in my currently whirlpool fridge 3 times and this last time it fried something on the main board so now I've got a perfectly fine fridge that can't make ice. (Going on year 5) The model before I replaced the...
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    Best work boots - who makes them?

    Redwing Tradesman , BRNR XP, or FlexForce depending on which one they have on sale when I go in. Tradesman | Red Wing https://www.redwingshoes.com/work/FlexForce-04448.html?cgid=work https://www.redwingshoes.com/work/Brnr-XP-02253.html?cgid=work I have to have a pull on because I'm constantly...
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    Price check isle 3 - Boiler water heater combo

    Yeah my bad I knew I shouldn't have asked.
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    Price check isle 3 - Boiler water heater combo

    Against my better judgement I'm going to throw this question out here. I just got an estimate for a combo boiler ( hot water heat and hot water supply) that is blowing my mind. Single family house 3 zones, 50 gallon tank currently. I've been using this company for the better part of 20 years and...
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    replacing door

    If your asking me if I think you should do it then my answer is no. But I'm a nobody, but here is why I answer this way. I had a tenant that tried to do exactly what your describing. It turned out horrible, the door didn't close properly, and it damaged the jam. They didn't paint it so it was...
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    wall studs sit on sub floor.
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    so I've done this a couple of times and a couple of different ways. If the floor isn't completely rotten under the stud, then I just cut with a circular saw and cut out a square. The great thing about this is it gives you access to a lip that you can screw a 2x4 to, to support the line between...
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    What are some ways to spruce up a small concrete porch?

    you can stain it, paint it, tile it, build a deck over it, or break it out and redo it or build a new deck. Those are the options I can think of without any parameters to constrain the outcome. Also I would say that gluing down carpet is a financial decision, not and aesthetic decision. I...
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    Can I build an ADU?

    Check your local codes and I agree with what everybody else has said, but in my area as long as the structure isn't permanent it isn't subject to code. The connections to services however do have to comply with code and are taxed as such. It's the whole "Tiny House" movement in a nut shell. Buy...
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    How to remove caulk from siding

    I use old worn out oscillating tool blades. I have a few that the teeth have been worn flat and basically have turned into the one Jeff posted.
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    Exterior dusk/dawn sensing lights all stopped at once

    +1 for the GFCI's I have a set of exterior lights that are on a GFCI outlet in a basement bathroom. Nowhere even near the exterior of the house. It's a old house and the wiring has been redone in stages and that particular circuit was added after a fire. If the house has been remodeled look for...
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    Snow fencing

    Ah Ok so not a snow fence you just need a fence for the dog. So just make a horse fence and keep it off the ground a few inches so you can weed wack under it so the snow doesn't drift: edit should have just posted and image: and as far as a gate make a rectangle with the post material and...
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    Snow fencing

    I think the invisible fence/collar is your best bet. Like bud16415 said. A snow fence is for forcing the snow to drift where you want it rather than where you don't. A properly planned and working snow fence is actually a pretty amazing bit of engineering, weather planning and age old wisdom...