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    Ceiling Fan

    I want to install a ceiling fan but hardwire it instead of running an extension cord down the wall like some do. Is there a good DIY article online for this or should I hire an expert? I have no electronical experience. Would love to learn but don't want to burn the house down or kill myself.
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    Yard Help Needed!

    I moved into a house with a huge backyard that gets plenty of sun. The owner died years ago so the yard is all dead now. My first house and my first lawn to restore. What do I need to do? Can I just throw out seed and water? Do I need to agitate the soil first and kill off the current death...
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    Hiring day labor

    Has anyone ever hired day labor workers? Did you have to drive them to your house and take them back? Did you negotiate a price or is it set? I need help with some yard work (basic manual labor) and thought I would hire a few for a couple days to help me. I feel kind of odd doing it but I...
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    Water heater problems

    We have very hard water here. I tested the lower heating element and it had a charge. How can I tell if the lower is malfunctioning though?
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    Water heater problems

    I keep having less and less hot water available. We used to be able to take two hot showers in a row, then only one, now I can barely make it through one before it's cold. What could be wrong with it?
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    Do you like the colors

    They are fine easy on my old eyes.
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    Leveling costs

    It's 900 square feet, pretty much a box frame house, 1920's home, thin layer of Texas soil then solid rock. Home is approx 2' off the ground. What is the min. and max. in general for leveling a house. Could you get any house leveled for say $500?
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    Hvac Diy?

    Is it possible to put central air in yourself or should you leave it up to the professional? Seems pretty straight forward but I could be missing a lot.
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    Just bought my first house last year and I am about finished rennovating it (1940's home). Thinking about buying another house as a rental. Needs total rennovation from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. It I do buy it, should be fun, but lots of work!
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    Adding on to a room

    Anyone good online guides to everything involved in adding onto a room? Main questions I have regarding tearing down the current wall (structure issue, will the roof fall) and how to attach the addition to the current flooring/ceiling/walls.
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    Kitchen tile - Easy to crack?

    I tend to drop a lot of stuff on my floor. Is there special tile that is more crack resistant for kitchen use?
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    Leveling costs

    I am looking at a home to restore. The foundation is not a concrete slab but on blocks (1920's house) The foundation is become unstable and needs to be leveled. House is about 900 sq feet. Around how much will this cost?
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    Buy now?

    I was thinking about purchasing a rental property but lately I have been told the market is about the bust. Any thoughts on the 1-2 year future of the market? Should I wait?