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    House water pressure over 100psi?

    Water pressure should be between 60 to 80 psi. Did you try to adjust your current regulator? I would also check the guage by shutting off the water and bleeding the system and check to see if the gauge goes down
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    outside faucet

    It is hard to awnser your question becuase I am not clear on what you did. An extention hose to an outside hose bib does not sound like a problem. Never turning it off could be. The hose could burst and cause a leak from the hose bib that is not turned off. The leak could be stopped by turning...
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    Growing grass with limited light

    I think that Korean grass loves the shade. it is that lumpy slow growing grass. I live in SoCal so I dont know how this stuff does in winter. I know it gets pretty cold in Korea. I do know it thrives in shade and will die if it gets to much sun
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    you can use the main line coming into the valves for your sprinklers and branch off it and add two new valves and run your lines from there. Tying the grass and the flowers together is not a good idea as grass needs more water than flowers. Plus you need maximum flow to your sprinkler heads to...
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    My bathroom smells bad

    It is more likely a bad toilet seal or a cracked sewer line than the vent pipe. Your sink and tub have or should have p-traps so even if the vent was blocked sewer gas would be blocked by the water in the trap. If your vent was blocked it would cause drainage problems. pqglen
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    Wallpaper: The work of satan

    I have found that fire and or explosives works real well to remove wallpaper...just kidding it takes alot of labor and paitence to terms that often mix like oil and water good luck. I have used some comercial steam machines before with mixed results pqglen
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    self-leveling cement over osb boards

    I think you are overly concerned. I have used the self leveling with and without the primer. I use it every time I remember becuase it is recomended and seems to flow better with it down. It is not something I get to worked up about if I run out in the middle of a job. Self leveling will setup...
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    Green it all?

    I would use wonderboard or somthing like it in the tub/shower surround and good old dry wall everywhere else pqglen
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    Installing copper pipe

    I am not that old but on this I guess I am old school. Plus I like breaking the ole turbo torch out. I have never had a problem with copper. I love the smell of flux in the morning. pqglen
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    Installing copper pipe

    I dont know if this plastic material everyone is refering to is simalar to the stuff used here in Southern California in the late 70s early 80s call Quest. This stuff was a nghtmare. It was a plastic type of product that reduced install time significantlly. All the suits loved it due to its...
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    Gas furnace problems

    I would agree with glenjanie. Get a licenced pro and spend a couple bucks and live. If you dont know what a thermocoupler is you probally shouldnt be replacing it. pqglen
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    Garbage disposal install

    Almost every Home has one including ones with septic systems. It should not pose too many problems to install the unit. You will have to reconfigure your waste line to acommadate the unit. If you have septic buy one that is built for septic. If your kitchen sink is slow to drain now it might...
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    Above counter sinks

    They are really cool tex. What is also nice about them is you can use a dresser instaed of a regular bath vanity. It adds even more bling sometimes. The coolest part is only having to drill a 1 1\4 hole pqglen
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    Pipe Knocking

    It seems you have two problems or possibilly three. # 1 check your water pressure. Your water regulator should be adjusted to 60lb. # 2 check for leaking. shut off the water read the meter in the street if it is moving slightly you have something leaking. I would shut off the angle stop to the...
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    Black pipe for water

    you should use copper all the way to the heater. stainless or brass pipe would be fine too. Black steel ( black pipe ) and Galvinized steel ( grey pipe ) will rust. They are for gas lines not water. It is not the end of the world but it is not a good idea either