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    How many folks use the energy saving bulbs?

    I seen one on Craigslist didnt know they have treasure-talk hows that workout ?
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    Made in U.S.A.

    Thanks gavin for the reply, you are right about the size of the hooks. I have searcht the forum for information about the size but I couldnt fint any, so I have made them by eye of the pictures I could find. But next time I will go for a smaller eye of the hook.
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    Putting a hot tub on a deck

    Saying that by putting insulation in it versus not putting insulation in it saves 75 energy is concerning. But they have a modern design.
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    Floor Joist Bracing

    What size should I use on my floor joist of a deck I am going to build? I was thinking 2x6, but was on the fence of using 2x8. The deck will be about 14 long and 76" wide. What is the general rule on sizing? Thanks in advance