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    COmputer in the garage?

    The cold would be the biggest for me and air movement around the cpu I would try to find a place close the garage inside of the house were its consistant temp and go wirelss with a keyboard mouse for easy moving or maybe a cabinet or something
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    Hello From Adalia

    Welcome to the party have fun look around ask if you dont know
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    SW FL new guy

    Welcome to the party cant wait to see your shop progress photos
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    Almost done

    I like your work bench design might have to jack it from ya. The sticker looks pretty cool there also
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    gym ideas

    Dude get P90x and get ripped in 90 days and save some money it will kick your a
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    The Ultimate Garage/Bar

    Man that is awesome love the bar setup look like alot of fun
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    New Member From Minnesota

    Welcome to the party
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    Looking for Advice

    It depends all on what you are going to do me myself i am going to have both cabinets and selves. I like the clean and hidden look of a cabinet but like others said there is just some stuff you cant put in a cabinets but again it deoends on what your doing
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    My first house and garage.

    I like it, finish up the paint and show a wide view keep it up
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    Is there LIFE in here

    I am looking at the unanswrd thread like omg 100 views but no one can answr im not that garage smart but if i know it i share i hope this place jumps off its got 2 weeks :D starting now
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    Car guy from Texas

    Thats a nice savings doing it yourself plus the satifaction you know its done right
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    Car guy from Texas

    That the spirit how long and how much it take you to put that car together im going home in 5 min i will be back at 10 your time tommorow
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    auto joke: fwd car with rear chrome cover

    Get some spinning hub caps from auto zone make it look right
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    Car guy from Texas

    But after every build you do drive it 1 time right it would be a shame not to drive a thing like that
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    Is there LIFE in here

    OMG i have been on here for 2 days and i have to say this place is DEAD whats up with that