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    No hot wires?!

    The light/outlet combo that is next to the problem switch had 3 sets of wires, and it works without problem. The double switch has 4 sets of wires; I assume two power inputs, one light and one exhaust fan. But none of them have juice. If the other receptacle was downstream, it wouldn't work...
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    Outlets don't work

    I think what she meant was, if it were a minor problem (e.g. resetting the GFI buttons) she didn't want some "professional" to insist that she had to have her whole house rewired and charge her several thousand dollars. I had a guy come in to repair my garage door opener (replacing a gear for...
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    No hot wires?!

    Tried again today, and the voltage meter seems to randomly beep. It doesn't seem to trigger on any particular wire--at least not consistently--but it does appear to to have some correlation to when I get next to the metal junction box.
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    No hot wires?!

    I am replacing the outlets/switches in my bathroom. One receptacle has a light switch and an outlet. I used a meter to determine which of the 3 black wires was my hot one, then hooked up the devices accordingly. 6 inches away is a double switch, controlling a light & exhaust fan. There are 4...