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    Bathroom remodel proper order

    The reason panels are nail, is to secure them in a stationary position, or you could set up a bracing method, leave it in place the several days required for the adhesive to achieve maximum adhesion. Why a nail? You are spot nailing, not 4, 6, or 8"oc, like roof sheating or drywall.
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    Rebar exposed in footing

    The "fix" is just to wire brush the rebar, form it and pour some concrete, which may or may not, eventually be somewhere near the same color.
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    Weird condensation issue...

    If the fans are pushing the air down, reverse them so that the circulation is across the ceiling and down the walls. Also, leave heavy draperies open slightly.
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    Weird condensation issue...

    You need to raise the humidity level to mitigate the discomforts to the occupants. The next thing to address is the window coverings, then the air circulation, and how they interact.
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    Refrigerator Issues/Diagnosis

    Have you broached these conditions with the appliances service center?
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    Melding is the integral joining of.
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    Welcome. Only if it is allowed to continue, unchecked. Melding of lumber is a traditional method of repair. View it in the context of having a 4x8 and need to meld a 2x8 with it.
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    Wiring Problem

    Welcome. You are only showing use the "connected from" recep, not the connected too recep. However, there few here that advocate "plug-n-play" when connecting recep., we do advocate twisting the conductors together, wire nutting the connection as well as attaching the conductors with the screw...
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    Garbage Disposer Switch Location

    The responses may include both pros and cons of disposals. However, all of the kitchen remodels I've involved with, 45yrs., always had the disposal as the closest switch, because it was the most frequently used, and was periodic, as opposed to the other switch/s which energized products of...
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    Not overloading the generator

    Some of the information may need to be ascertained by conducting a model search, as opposed to finding nomenclature tags.
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    Not overloading the generator

    It's pretty basic; all elec. appliances have a "operating wattage" listed somewhere on their nomenclature package, that wattage, divided by the appliances "operating voltage" will give you the current consumption, in amps. 11,500W divided by 240V equals 47.916 Amps 11,500W divided by 120V...
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    Window area

    Two options; 1. cut it out and replace it. 2. caulk over it. Or, you could describe the intersecting materials, Or, provide a more panoramic photo, so that we might possibly be able to discern that.
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    Am I doing this right?

    Also, use topping for the 3rd coat, instead of drywall compound, which will alleviate much of the sanding.
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    Basement walls not 16 or 24 inch centres

    Welcome. The amount of you will need is first determined by the length of board you are able to stock in the space. Board is standardly available in 8 & 12' lengths.
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    How can remove rust from this meat grinder in a food-safe way?

    Interestingly, I, purposely, omitted the, common sence step, that anyone who has EVER cleaned a kitchen appliance does, THEY WASH THEM WITH SOAP AND WATER. Or, maybe, I'm the exception.