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    Wiring new lights

    In your case, and I never do this, whoever did the wiring for the three-ways, used the red and black conductors, as travelers, when they should have used either the red or black, (preferably the red) and the white, because that would have left the black as the switched hot conductor. When there...
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    Stuck Balancer Andersen 100 Series

    Welcome. My 1st call would be to ANDERSON cust. service, who may agree with your solution.
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    Wiring new lights

    Interestingly, they used the white, as the hot, without marking it by wrapping with black tape. The first thing you need is a least one foot of slack in the 12/3, or you'll need two junction boxes and a length of 12/3 too connect them. Next you'll need some 12/2 to connect a neutral to the hot...
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    Rotting Door Frame

    Depending upon how tight the door frame is set to the house framing, you may be able to just do the repair.
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    Need Advice on raising bedroom ceiling

    Welcome. So, you have 2, 8'X 10' rooms, approx. with an about 4/12 roof, and it may be uninsulated. Have you looked underneath and/or can you tell how the ridge is supported and what is the size of the ridge?
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    Garage entry way

    If your question is about dirt being tracked in, is it up the steps or down the steps? Remove your shoes. If it's being blown in, then install a threshold and a door sweep.
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    Major buyer's remorse, sick to my stomach, looking for advise

    Research, pays for itself.
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    Paper or metal for corners

    It' actually a 1 step process. You fill the voids with joint compound as you are applying the tape.
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    Squeaky dryer

    Page 8, 1st note; https://products.geappliances.com/MarketingObjectRetrieval/Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF&Name=49-90338.PDF&_ga=2.110015681.557633809.1602779172-1385235847.1602779172 Page 29, in the photo on the right shows an idler wheel, and that would be my 1st point of lubricating with...
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    gas fireplace opening and smell

    Please post the mfg. and model #, so we can view, as well.
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    Chimney/Working at Height

    Something that is self propelled, because some that are "tow-behind" have outriggers that can be cumbersome.
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    30 amp breakers

    Welcome. The previous owner/occupant, may have been illicitly entrepreneurial.
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    gas fireplace opening and smell

    Welcome. The gas piping to the valve is Polyethylene and the connecter after the valve is a coated metal flexible material and can be marginally manipulated, without damaging. As for the odor, you need to have a chimney sweep inspect the unit combustion chamber as well as the flue and chimney...
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    Chimney/Working at Height

    I'd use a boom, however if you are planning to access from the street, check with the city because you may need a street access permit.
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    Does this opening between the bathtub and tile look normal before I re-caulk it? How should I seal the joint between the tub and the wood moulding?

    In the corner where the largest opening is, I'd use a cheap caulk as a filler, which will act as a backing for the finish caulk that is used for the rest of the area. Using a sanded grout is another option, however there is the inevitability for cracking, which can be cured by using non sanded...