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    Oil and Transmission Fluid Stains on Inclined Driveway

    If there is nowhere else for them to park, unroll a carpet remnant and have them park over it when they visit. Save driveway and relationship.
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    Replacing PVC columns-how to anchor?

    A few more pictures. I busted some concrete removing a column.
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    Replacing PVC columns-how to anchor?

    Thanks. It is soon to go to a new owner. I hope my repairs last a long time.
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    Replacing PVC columns-how to anchor?

    The porch had sagged as the old columns rotted. I jacked it back up and leveled it all around.
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    Replacing PVC columns-how to anchor?

    Here are a few pics. Again, thanks for the help. I used post bases with an additional bolt installed to help prevent twist.
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    They often come in from above. Look at your light fixtures and check for dead ones. Just about any home pest spray will slow them down. Fill all cracks in the lower exterior of house, especially at ground level. We have lot's of them but they seldom cause problems.
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    Replacing PVC columns-how to anchor?

    Thank you all for the input. I purchased the 6x6's a few months ago and some of them have twisted. I won't be covering these posts with plastic. The home is exposed on a hill with no shade and the plastic, particularly the railings, did not last long. 5-8 years before failing. Of course...
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    Replacing PVC columns-how to anchor?

    Hi all, first post. I am replacing PVC covered rotten posts (2x4 sandwiched) with solid wood 6x6 posts. The PVC is anchored at the bottom only and the wood inside is just nailed in. We have severe wind here, the plan is to keep the roof on the house. I do not know the best way to anchor...