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    Building an addition

    Not familiar with the Ecobee system.
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    Building an addition

    No, you'd put in separate thermostats for each unit. You'd want the thermostat to be in the space that is heated and cooled by the unit. With Nest and other connected thermostats you can control them via your smart phone from anywhere you have a connection. You connect the thermostats to your...
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    New to Two-Story Living

    It was a challenge in both of my townhouses and my first single family house that had two stories. Zoning requires dampers and extra duct work. My current house has a first floor unit in the basement and a second floor unit in the attic. Not always practical in a townhouse. You might be able...
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    Building an addition

    I'd look at adding a second unit instead of scrapping the unit for a bigger one. My 2500 square foot house has two, and when I finish the basement this year I'm adding a third. Nice thing with have separate units is if one fails you still have a heated or cooled space to live in while waiting...
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    Considerations when painting joists & bottom of underlayment in unfinished ceilings

    That's why I recommended renting one, unless you have a need for doing this frequently. You can rent one for $60 a day. If it is going to take more than a couple of days you'd be better off buying one and selling it on Craig's List when you're done...
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    Rebar exposed in footing

    There was a product where I grew up called Top 'n Bond, I think it is similar to what Bud linked. You want a product without aggregate in it so you can spread it thin. This isn't structural, so you're looking for a cosmetic fix to your problem.
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    Considerations when painting joists & bottom of underlayment in unfinished ceilings

    There is a lot more real estate to cover painting the joists and subfloor than painting a drywall ceiling. You will have more brush time than roller time given the obstructions you need to work around. I'd definitely spray it with something like I linked earlier.
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    Considerations when painting joists & bottom of underlayment in unfinished ceilings

    I was thinking of something like this: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Graco-Magnum-X7-Electric-Stationary-Airless-Paint-Sprayer/1001047908
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    PVC piping for ethernet cable outside?

    The longer the COVID restrictions remain in place the longer it is going to take to get back to the work that is piling up. We ran into the same thing during the strike but that was *ONLY* 7 weeks. Very few of the jobs I did would have required any follow up. The area I was in had mainly...
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    Suggest any storage space

    I agree you really need to go through this stuff and decide what you need and/or want to keep and donate or trash the rest. There are people out there, a lot of them, that are long term renters of self-storage spaces. They keep paying the rent month in and month out without knowing what's...
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    Considerations when painting joists & bottom of underlayment in unfinished ceilings

    Rent an airless sprayer to do it. If your ducts are metal you may want to prime them first with an automotive spray primer. Same with any metal electrical boxes. Then you could spray latex egg shell on everything. My uncle did in his basement a number of years ago, it makes everything kind...
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    Air compressors and attachments

    That wouldn't surprise me in the least. I haven't bought any HF or NT power tools but I have bought a fair number of storage containers, TV mounts and other things without a plug. HFs TV mounts are pretty solid and a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Definitely don't buy a mount at Best Buy.
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    Air compressors and attachments

    I use my stapler a lot. The pin nailer probably the least. The trim nailer gets a lot of use. I guess it all depends on your projects. Recently the stapler has been getting a lot of use.
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    Air compressors and attachments

    For painting, I'd recommend a dedicated airless sprayer and not use your air compressor for that. For nail guns, inflating tires, using an air nozzle to blow dust out of tools and the like a pancake compressor will do nicely. You can usually get nice packaged deals at the big box stores...
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    Wiring Problem

    Black wires go to the brass colored screws and white wires to the silver colored screws. I suspect like Kok states you have it wrong on the new outlet. I also agree with Snoonyb that using the outlet like that is a hot mess and should be avoided. Join them with a wirenut and use a pigtail to...