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    Waterproofing under deck stairs and landing

    Accidentally discovered what I needed. Went to the hardware store for aluminum roofing to discover the sizes wouldn't work for the project without doubling up. Noticed these asphalt tiles and they worked perfectly. We ran 2x4's the length of the stair braces which both support the stairs and...
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    Waterproofing under deck stairs and landing

    I was debating using some form of guttering and still may as this may be the neatest option in that space. But instead of channeling the water under the stairs I could channel it into an existing underground pipe. Might do that with the whole thing. The deck crew added a concrete pour under the...
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    Waterproofing under deck stairs and landing

    Thanks for the thoughts. By channels, I mean the valleys in the corrugated aluminum. Rain water will drip through the stair treads onto this, so I would just collect and send the water from the landing down that channel as well. I looked into products like Dryspace, but those are designed to be...
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    Waterproofing under deck stairs and landing

    We recently had our deck replaced, after which I planned to study the yard and find a place to add a shed. It has since dawned on me enclosing the area beneath the landing and stairs will provide somewhere around 40 square feet without using up any more land. I am considering building channels...