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    Im comfused

    Dal-Tile carries Stone Tech Enhancer/Sealer and one made by Aqua Mix. I just used the Aqua Mix on a deck I tiled over the weekend.
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    tile to glass block window transition

    Def need pics for that one
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    Tiling a Bathtub/Shower Surround

    One time I had a tile fall down. I thought, "hmm strange, it has plenty of coverage" then I put it back. It fell yet again and I put it back again. Finally it falls and nearly hits me and when I look up to the empty spot I notice a small ray of light shining through the thinset lines. It was...
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    Tiling a Bathtub/Shower Surround

    youll do fine :) The floor looks awsome btw want a job?
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    In case you were feeling sorry for yourself...

    The wood round the tile looks sweet, thx for the pics. Nice job! and yes... 12x24s can suck lol
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    grout lines in shower

    Sanded is perfectly fine on walls. What this person told you holds true only if the grout likes are tiny ( smaller than an 1/8 ).
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    Sealing shower walls

    Enhancer is just that unless it specifies its a sealer also. Bring that back and get a stone enhancer / sealer and make sure it says "matt Finish" to avoid the shine, also make sure it will last more then a year so you done have to do it annualy. These questions would probably be answered...
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    Tiling a Shower Shelf/Cubby

    I found this picture by searching google. Ill post a pic of the one I just finished monday night so you can see it in the niche :)
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    Tiling a Shower Shelf/Cubby

    I try to keep the tile over lapped so water always runs over the edge, grout lines in a box scare me a bit so the less the better (btw...thats a bullnose, its finished). I found a nice blade for the wet saw that finishes the edges the same as a bullnose for only $140 ! Thats a nice look also...
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    Tiling a Shower Shelf/Cubby

    I did another one today with a hatband liner running through the box, I have to get pics of that one next week.
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    grout lines in shower

    Its all a matter of what you want really. I use 1/8 inch lines on everything I do and yes sanded is fine for 1/8 and larger :)
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    cork or bamboo in basement?

    I worked with a company that installed cork flooring. They glued down luan then corked over it, the application I watched was cork tile. Nice looking stuff and doesnt get cold! It always stays room temp :)
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    Tile over brick?

    You can tile on brick but you need to skim coat it with thinset first ( like you would drywall ) then key it in with at least a 1/4 x 1/4 trowel. Use VersaBond Flex thinset, you can get it at Home Depot :)
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    Thinset for Backsplash

    Either or is fine when it comes to a backsplash. I like to use a high grade mastic so I dont have to worry about spacers or it drying to fast. Have fun with it ! Backsplashes are IMO fun to do.
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    shower seat

    Normally the seat is made first and wrapped with the same liner as the pan itself. Take a look around the web ( maybe the John Bridge site ) and take a look at how a cement seat is made. Its fairly simple and only requires a few cinderblocks , mortar, and waterproofing :)